Plots and Subplots

You can use the cards to suggest plotlines and subplots, either pulling single cards and considering their pictures and meanings, or by laying out a pattern and divining a direction for your storyline. If the imagery, symbols and meanings aren't what you want, try thinking in terms of the cards' numbers and suits. Should you draw the Four of Dynamism, for example, you might consider either using the character depicted, utilizing the number four, tying in Marauders or emphasizing a storyline which deals with air. Any or all of these elements can be mined for the nuggets of story ideas.


For examples of more elaborate plotlines, see the circular and linear spreads given above. Using a single card randomly drawn to suggest plots and subplots to him, the Storyteller draws the Page of Pattern. Possible developments suggested by this card include:

• The characters meet and interact with a female Technomancer. She might be a Void Engineer, possibly even Karen Brewster (see Null-B in The Book of Chantries).

• A woman the characters meet introduces them to a strange new Realm or tricks them into entering Null-B or some other Technocracy Construct, where they are captured.

• The characters are placed in a position which allows them to help rescue an unhappy Void Engineer and flee with her into space.

These are the most obvious ideas. Others might concern the globe in her hand. Could it be some strange new Technocratic weapon? A spying device? An Umbral Realm trapped in the crystal and brought back to Earth? And what about the meteor? Is it really just a falling star, or have the Marauders broken through? Let your imagination run rampant.

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