Nonplayer Characters

Just as a card can help clarify a character concept, it can also provide inspiration for a quick non-player character personality. If you need a Technocracy contact, for example, simply flip to the suit of Pattern and choose a card. Naturally, you could also choose to use any other card that you felt more appropriate, or let chance take a hand and draw a random card. You might even ignore the picture and suit altogether, choosing instead to focus on the meaning of the card or the mood created by the text.


• Wendy needs another NPC to spice up her game. She draws a random card and gets the Seven of Primordialism. This suggests a Nephandus, either male or female, who is something of a shadowy figure, but who appears from time to time to tempt the characters with promises, riches, favors, sensual pleasures or knowledge, all in the hopes of corrupting them and claiming them for the Nephandi.

Later, she needs a Technocracy agent and flips through the suit of Pattern for an idea. She chooses the Six to base her agent upon; he's a philanthropic and caring young man, who seriously believes the Masses need the protection and guidance of the Technocracy. He's a blond gentleman in dark, tailored clothing who works with an inner-city charity bringing help to the poor. Wendy calls him Brother Joshua. The characters may mistake him for a Celestial Chorus mage — he's certainly a far cry from the stereotypical Technomancer!

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