King of Primordialism Gilledian

Meaning: Power

Emotional loyalty and commitment, Spontaneity, Ego, Generosity, Responsibility

Reversed: Violence, Scandal, Injustice, Weakness

Association: Vanity

From his throne room deep beneath the seas, Galarius, Master of the Labyrinth of Drachus Vachor, watches the ripples of his power roil throughout his watery domain. For him, the sea of the subconscious is the font of all creation and destruction. Crowned with the symbol of the ocean's insensate life, he holds in one hand the scepter of his power to influence the world of thought. His other hand supports the reflection of his subtle rule.

Chapter Five: Dynamic (Swords/Marauders/Air)

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, — W.B. Yeats, "The Second Coming" The Dynamic essence represents constant flux and restless activity. This suit is assigned to the Marauders, whose unfathomable goals challenge the boundaries of perceptual reality. In the traditional Tarot, this is the suit of Swords, symbols of aggressive action whose blades sever connections and change circumstances for good or ill. Air is the mercurial element assigned to these mutable cards. Virtues: Courage, Power, Vitality Vices: Fear, Tyranny, Chaos Element: Air (seen as Fire by some) Season: Fall

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