• Carla's character Mika, a young Virtual Adept, has become fascinated by various new technologies. She is afraid, however, that she might fall prey to the blandishments of the Technocracy because she often trusts other computer-lovers too much. She does a reading to see if this is likely.

She lays out four cards and feels that she has received the answer she sought. The cards are laid out from right to left, indicating that she wants an insight about the future; had she been interested in past events, she would have laid the cards left to right.

In order, the cards are: The Three of Pattern, the Five of Primordialism, Strength and The Devil, reversed.

This reading indicates that the potential for flirtation with the Technocracy definitely exists, and her contacts with them will touch on her vulnerabilities as she hopes she can gain something from them. She will have to confront her nemesis or antithesis, and will need to draw on her own inner resources to overcome the challenge. The end result will be some sort of liberating experience, a passage out of a state of self-imposed preconceptions, perhaps.

Ideas for Using the Cards

These cards can be used in a number of ways to enhance your game. Some of these are of greatest use to the Storyteller, but many are useful to players as well.

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