Character Creation

The cards may be used to aid character creation. Players or Storytellers might draw a random card from the deck and use the text, meanings or picture to suggest an idea for the character. Anything from her looks to her concept, Backgrounds, magical Spheres, Merits or Flaws, Path to Ascension, abilities or even her potential destiny might be constructed by building upon something found in the card. Any of the divining spreads above can be used for character creation, although a three-card linear spread often works best.


• Jim wants an interesting character, one with a past. He randomly draws the Knight of Dynamism and comes up with the following ideas from its meaning and imagery: The character is a young male mage with a Dynamic essence. He has dark brown hair and dark eyes (associated with this suit), and comes from a wealthy family (the factories shown on the card). He was once a more powerful mage, but he's very impulsive (meaning of the card). Once,

he performed a highly vulgar magical effect in front of Sleepers. When a Paradox Spirit confronted him, he slipped into a long Quiet. Recently, he has recovered his sanity and returned to the mundane world; most of his previous memories, however, including his knowledge of magic, have been lost. He has been made a clean slate and must start over again. Old friends and enemies, however, may remember him quite well, making his new life an interesting one. Though he's brave, he has a tempestuous nature. His Flaws include Impulsiveness and Amnesia. He may be good with weapons.

• Storyteller Wendy wants to create a troupe character for herself to run; she doesn't want this "fun outlet" to overshadow her players' own mages, so she decides to leave her character concept to fate. A three-card linear spread yields the following: The Star, the Seven of Questing, and the Page of Primordialism, reversed. From these cards, she gets the following ideas:

The spread suggests a female character — two cards have women as the dominant images, and the third contains a womb, albeit a corrupt one. The body card, Star, stands for vitality, charisma, creativity and insight. Wendy's new acolyte (she doesn't want her to be a mage — she'll leave that to the players!) is young, magnetic, enthusiastic and probably very physically attractive and fit. She has, however, a very odd past — this card has an otherworldly essence about it. The Seven of Questing carries Fall Breeze's likeness; her card suggests courage and valor. Wendy decides to make her acolyte a martial artist, advanced enough in her training to hold her own in a nasty fight. The ominous caul of the Page casts a shadow on the character; even reversed, it's a creepy card. The meaning hints at deception, lies and a possible fall somewhere along the line. A Nephandus may or may not be involved, but something in this acolyte's future will involve a temptation or betrayal.

Following her instincts, Wendy christens her new character Cassandra. The players would be well advised to watch over her. Of course, such scrutiny may drive Cassandra to resent the cabal for their distrust, and that resentment might lead her to betray them later

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