Authors Dedications

Let us call now for the makers of strong images,

Let them come to us now carrying their quills and sharp razors

Let them gash their arms for ink and let them limn.

— Neil Gaiman, "The Song of the Audience" To Joan Friedman for that summer in Berkeley when we all reveled in intuitive Tarot readings and to Herman M. Cassada, Jr. for giving me my first Tarot deck and opening my eyes to the possibilities therein.

Special Thanks to the wonderful artists whose talents made the designs immediate and striking, going far beyond what we had conceived.

To Stewart MacWilliam for his insights and suggestions and to N. J. Bargle, for her inspired contributions.

To Sam Chupp and Phil Brucato for their encouragement and mentorship.

To the folks at Seventh Heaven whose assistance and help with the Tarot were invaluable.

To Carla Hollar, Matt Steele and Beth Bostic for sharing with us our first exploits in Storytelling with the Tarot. Thanks, all of you.

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