Sample Tarot Reading Bosnia

I decided to do this reading after Clinton announced plans to send troops to Bosnia. It seems to me that this decision and the Dayton peace agreement represent a turning point in the Balkan conflict, and I was curious to see what the cards might say about these developments.

Tensions have long been a problem in the Balkans because of the uneasy mix of ethnic groups - Serbs, Croats and Muslims. They reached a head when war broke out in June 1991 after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Rebel Serbs refused to recognize the new states and fought to expand their area of control, particularly in Bosnia. Now the warring parties have come to a tentative agreement, but there is still unrest. A multi-national peace implementation force is planning to move in to assure that the settlement is carried out successfully. (See War in Bosnia Index and Bosnia Homepage.)

I decided to focus my question on the critical next six months, so on December 1, 1995, I

did a Celtic Cross Reading based on the following:

How will the situation develop in Bosnia over the next 6 months and what are the prospects for a lasting peace there?

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