Page Of Pentacles

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Have an Effect make your plans real mold the physical world use your body experience nature achieve tangible results act on your dreams get events in motion

Be Practical take a realistic approach apply the tools at hand find a solution that works use common sense stop daydreaming work with what you have concentrate on what's effective

Be Prosperous draw to you what you need increase your means grow and expand enrich yourself go out to meet success seek abundance become secure

Be Trusting/Trustworthy accept that the solution is well in hand have faith in others accommodate uncertainty accept others at their word keep your word prove yourself dependable stick by your commitments establish credibility


The Page of Pentacles can form a pair with any other court card. Compare the ranks and suits of the two cards to see what such a pair might mean.

Example: for the Page of Pentacles/King of Cups, go to [ King-Page] and [ Pentacles-Cups ]


The Page of Pentacles is a messenger bringing you opportunities for prosperity. He delivers real chances to experience wealth, abundance, security and solid achievement -the wonders of the Pentacles suit. In your readings, this Page suggests that an opening may appear that promises enrichment, comfort, trust or the chance to make your dreams real. When you see such a chance, act on it!

The Page of Pentacles can also stand for a child or young-at-heart adult whose interactions with you involve stability, trust, commitment, safety and material needs. Sometimes the Page of Pentacles implies that your entire situation is suffused with the spirit of physical enjoyment. At such times, feel free to have fun with your body, skills and possessions in a lighthearted way. Revel in the delights of being alive on Earth at this time.








Unwavering Stubborn is dogged in pursuit of a goal is hardheaded and obstinate will not quit digs into a position stands firm against opposition must have his or her own way stays fixed to a chosen course refuses to listen to reason keeps true to personal convictions resists compromise

Cautious Unadventurous checks and double-checks is too conservative examines all angles beforehand misses chances by waiting proceeds slowly and carefully is reluctant to try something new prefers the safe, known path settles for safe, small gains is prudent and careful is afraid of risking

Thorough Obsessive takes care of every detail does not know when to quit is meticulous is too picky wraps up all loose ends must have everything just so never leaves a job half done is inflexible and compulsive is painstaking insists on perfection completes anything started can't leave well enough alone

Realistic Pessimistic is willing to look at the facts concentrates on what's wrong faces the truth thinks others are dreamers is not lured by false hopes sees a glass as half empty, not half full assesses circumstances candidly takes the gloomy view predicts problems in advance dooms a project from the start

Hard-Working Grinding becomes dedicated to a task focuses too narrowly on work is diligent and industrious can be humorless and grim produces as much as two people sees playtime as wasteful tackles any chore vigorously drives everyone too hard is tireless and unflagging forgets life should be fun


The Knight of Pentacles can form a pair with any other court card. Compare the ranks and suits of the two cards to see what such a pair might mean. Example: for the Knight of Pentacles/King of Cups, go to [ King-Knight ] and [ Pentacles-Cups ]


On the positive side, the Knight of Pentacles is like a bulldog. Once he bites down, you can be sure he won't let go. He's dogged in pursuit of his goals. A hard-worker, he has tremendous stamina and dedication. Every job is always completed down to the last detail. He's careful and prudent, never wasteful. He knows the facts and is immune to false promises. On the negative side, this Knight is a bit stodgy and dull. He's not known for his playful sense of humor. Work always comes first. He tends to be inflexible and obsessive about little details. Stubborn to a fault, he refuses to give in even when wrong, something he'll never admit. He doesn't like change or risk and will always take the gloomiest view.

In readings, a Knight of Pentacles shows that his cautious style is involved in the situation as an aspect of you, someone else or the atmosphere in general. You need to ask yourself, "Is this Knight's energy helping or hurting?"

If his style is evident, then balance is needed. Are you working too hard? Do you refuse to listen to reason? Do you have a perfectionist in your life? Is the atmosphere around you one of gloom and doom? It may be time for a change.

If this Knight's energy is missing, a dose of prudence may be called for. Are you spending too much? Maybe it's time to slow down. Do you give up too soon? Dig in and refuse to quit. Is your work often careless, late or incomplete? Next time resolve to work up a sweat and get the job done. Let the Knight of Pentacles introduce you to his world of care and persistence.

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