Interpreting the Yin Yang Spread

Here is one possible approach to interpreting the Yin Yang spread: Look at Cards 1 and 2 to get an idea of the basic conflict.

Examine each side separately so that you understand them. For Side A, look at Cards 3-5-7 first. For Side B, look at Cards 4-6-8. Consider these pairs:

• Cards 3+5 (and 4+6) to see how each side's public stand compares to its real agenda

• Cards 5+7 (and 6+8) to see how each side's conscious thoughts and feelings compare to its unconscious ones

Compare the two sides. Consider these pairs:

• Cards 3+4 to see how each side may view the other

• Cards 5+6 to see what both sides are really thinking and feeling

• Cards 7+8 to see what the deeper motivation is for each side

Compare the outcomes (cards 5, 6 and 12). Who will be happy, who will be disappointed?

• Card 12 - where the conflict is headed currently.

• Cards 5+12 - how Side A's ideal compares to the actual outcome.

• Cards 6+12 - how Side B's ideal compares to the actual outcome.

Consider the guidance. (Cards 9, 10 and 11). What does each side need to do to reach its goal and achieve a mutually satisfactory conclusion?

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