Exercise Suit Qualities Clearcut Examples

Many aspects of daily life reflect the energy of one suit in particular. For each activity below, state the suit and expression you believe fits that activity best, and name a few qualities that support your choice. Going skydiving might be a "Wands-positive" activity because you must be "daring, energetic and confident." (or a Wands-negative activity because it is "foolhardy and reckless!)" You can check my suggestions, if you wish.

always needing to have everything just so getting drunk the night before an important exam being where you say you will, every time solving a math problem using the tarot cards cheering your team on to victory listening to a friend talk about her troubles making a cruel, sarcastic remark refusing to apologize when you're wrong treating those "beneath" you with disdain seeing a project through to the end brooding over a perceived slight volunteering for a dangerous, but vital mission quitting your job in a moment of anger arbitrating a dispute finding dirty work distasteful

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