Exercise Queens

Queen of Cups: My cousin is going to need extra love and support. -- (loving)

Queen of Pentacles: I can figure out a way to get the keys if I put my mind to it. -(resourceful)

Queen of Swords: What's the real reason I was given this hopeless project? -- (astute)

Queen of Wands: I'll have extra energy when I lose weight. -- (energetic)

Queen of Pentacles: I'll keep this secret since my friend entrusted me with it. -(trustworthy)

Queen of Swords: I'll be open and honest in this interview so there are no misunderstandings. -- (honest)

Queen of Cups: I can use this time to meditate and recenter myself. -- (spiritual)

Queen of Wands: I know I can make new friends easily. -- (self-assured)

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