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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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Hermit: someone hiding from the law Justice: a representative of the law

Nine of Swords: not being able to rest

Four of Swords: being able to rest peacefully

Two of Pentacles: both figures have a bent leg...perhaps a knee problem? Hanged Man

Chariot: both cards show powerful figures ready to crush anything in their paths Death

Four of Pentacles: someone who is alone and loves money.

Six of Wands: someone who loves people and is surrounded by them

Lovers: enjoying the delights of paradise

Six of Swords: cast out of paradise to suffer and toil

Hierophant: good Devil: evil

Nine of Wands: two workers who have stopped their labors to rest Seven of Pentacles

Sun: sunrise

Ten of Swords: sunset

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