Exercise Kings

For each item below, decide on an action you might take that reflects the personality of tViA V1 n rr Vni i non pIia^I/ mv ciinnacfinnc 1Ç \7r\11 vxzich T^Tori*' c an pvomnlA-

Possible Action: I would confront my accuser boldly and ask for proof.

King of Cups: Your spouse complains that you're never home on weekends. King of Pentacles: A panhandler asks you for one dollar. King of Swords: You find a marijuana cigarette in your daughter's coat pocket. King of Wands: Your roommate keeps borrowing your car without asking. King of Pentacles: Your friend begs you to skip work and go fishing with him. King of Swords: You get an invitation to speak at a conference. King of Cups: A waiter gets your order wrong twice in a row. King of Wands: You're discouraged because your team is playing badly. Exercise 14.3 - Queens

For each item below, decide on a feeling or thought that reflects the personality of the Queen. You can check my suggestions, if you wish. Here's an example:

Queen of Wands: You've been accused of cheating on an exam, but you know you're innocent.

Possible Feeling/Thought: I'm confident that I can prove my innocence. Queen of Cups: You find out your cousin has cancer. Queen of Pentacles: You lock your keys in the car. Queen of Swords: You're asked to take over a failing project at work. Queen of Wands: You begin Day One of your new diet. Queen of Pentacles: Your best friend admits to having an affair. Queen of Swords: You interview a promising new employee. Queen of Cups: You decide to take a long walk after lunch. Queen of Wands: You go to a party where you only know the hostess. Exercise 14.4 - Knights

For each scenario, decide which Knight best reflects the situation. Then, give a few phrases that describe that Knight's warning message. You can check my suggestions, if you wish. Here's an example:

You've been working 12 hours-a-day for six months. There's so much to do. Knight of Pentacles: You're working too hard. You're too compulsive. You never play.

You feel depressed and weepy all the time. No one seems to care how you feel.

You've bragged that you know lots of important people, but you really don't. The stock market keeps going up. All your money is in a risk-free savings account. You're always yelling at the kids. Their constant fighting is driving you crazy. You told your new assistant that his work is hopelessly sloppy and incomplete. You think your partner is always flirting with others. You don't like it at all. Your son disobeyed you. You won't tolerate that! Your word is law in your house. You refuse to consider retiring even though your spouse wants to discuss it. Exercise 14.5 - Pages

Remove the four Pages from the deck, and place them face down in front of you. Mix them together, then turn over one card. Assume this Page represents an opportunity available to you right now, one that reflects the magic of his suit. What do you think it might be? Does this possibility excite you? Is something holding you back? If nothing comes to mind, watch for an inspiration in the next few days.

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