Exercise Clear Cut Examples

Pentacles - negative compulsive, overorganized, rigid

Wands - negative imprudent, irresponsible, unprepared

Pentacles - positive dependable, reliable, responsible

Swords - positive logical, mental, analytical

Cups - positive intuitive, spiritual, quiet

Wands - positive enthusiastic, exuberant, wholehearted

Cups - positive caring, kind, sympathetic, concerned

Swords - negative biting, critical, insensitive

Pentacles - negative stubborn, obstinate, unbending

Swords - negative arrogant, condescending, highhanded, patronizing

Pentacles - positive dogged, tenacious, thorough, persistent

Cups - negative hypersensitive, sulky, temperamental, touchy

Wands - positive brave, heroic, self-confident, valiant

Wands - negative hasty, rash, hot-tempered, impulsive

Swords - positive objective, equitable, impartial, just, discerning

Cups - negative overrefined, frail, fragile, lazy

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