Exercise Arcana Cards in the Celtic Cross

Layout One: All cards are minor except the outcome (Position 10). This situation is a temporary personal drama, but its impact will be powerful and significant in some way. (See Jill's first reading.)

Layout Two: The only major arcana card is in the Past (Position 4). The circumstances of the moment are the result of some major event from the past, or what was once of major significance is now fading.

Layout Three: Position 8 - the environment - is the only major arcana card. This situation may be part of a larger undertaking, or the outside influence may be especially strong.

Layout Four: Since Position 3 is the only major arcana card, the hidden, underlying energy here is strong. Things may be minor on the surface, but the force sustaining them is powerful.

Layout Five: Two major arcana cards are at the center of the reading (Positions 1 and 2). Two powerful forces are coming together for better or worse. The minor factors circling around are an offshoot of this core dynamic.

Layout Six: Someone thinks (Position 5) that his role (Position 7) in the situation is major, but the actual circumstances do not bear this out.

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Tarot Card Readings and Your Destiny

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