Education and occupation

• free time - vacations, hobbies, sports

• favorites - foods, movies, songs, books, colors

• habits - strengths, weaknesses, peculiarities Exercise 14.8 - Court Cards in Action

For each scenario below, write down one or two interpretations for the first court card listed. Consider the meaning of the card, the position and the situation. For extra practice, repeat the exercise using the second court card. Don't consider the court cards together. Simply imagine you drew them in separate readings. You can check my suggestions, if you wish.

You're getting married in three months. Your future father-in-law is critical of the arrangements and wants to change them. Knight of Swords - Position 5 King of Wands- Position 9

You're planning to buy a new car. You're not looking forward to haggling with a pushy salesperson. Queen of Cups - Position 6 King of Swords - Position 7

Your friend has asked you to watch her kids for a weekend. You want to help, but her children are a handful. Queen of Pentacles - Position 1 Page of Cups - Position 2

You've just met someone attractive who has only been divorced for four months. You worry about getting involved in a messy situation. Queen of Wands - Position 4 Knight of Cups - Position 8

You've been feeling a pain in your chest for several weeks. It's getting worse, but you don't want to go to a doctor. Knight of Pentacles - Position 10

Page of Swords - Position 3

You have an idea for an improvement at work that could be very profitable. You suspect your boss will try to take credit for the idea. Knight of Wands - Position 2 King of Pentacles - Position 9

For the past year, you've felt restless and dissatisfied. Activities that used to be rewarding now seem pointless. Queen of Swords - Position 3 Page of Wands - Position 7

Six months ago a friend borrowed $200 for an emergency. Now he's asking for another $100.

Page of Pentacles - Position 8 King of Cups - Position 1

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