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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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Here are the steps for a tarot reading you do for yourself based on a written question. (See lesson 8.)

To begin, have ready:

your written question your tarot cards the layout for the spread you have chosen the card and spread information pages, if desired Setting the mood

Prepare the environment according to personal preference. Sit down with some empty space in front of you. Relax and still your mind. Breathe deeply several times. Asking your question

Remove cards from container.

Hold cards cupped in one hand. Place other hand on top. Close your eyes.

Say on opening statement out loud, if you wish. Read your question out loud, or say it from memory exactly as written. Shuffling the cards

Shuffle the cards until you feel ready to stop. Concentrate on your question while shuffling, but without strain. Cutting the cards

Place cards face down in front of you with short edge toward you. Cut the deck in one unplanned action as follows:

Grab some number of cards from the complete pile. Drop this smaller pile to the left.

Grab part of this second pile. Drop this third pile to the left. Regroup cards into one pile in any fashion. Laying out the cards

Hold cards in your hand with short edge toward you. Turn over the top card as you would turn the page of a book.

Lay out cards according to the spread you have chosen. Turn reversed cards around if you are not using them. Responding to the cards

Note your responses to individual cards. Note your response to the whole pattern of cards. Analyzing the cards

Analyze individual cards:

Find the information page for the card. Read over keywords and actions. Look for actions that hit home. Write down thoughts and feelings, if you wish. Consider card orientation - upright or reversed? Analyze card relationships. Use principles of interpretation. Note additional insights. Creating the story

Tell your story spontaneously out loud. Tape your story, if you wish. Writing the summary statement

Think about the theme or message in your reading. Answer your question in a written summary statement (1-2 sentences). Finishing up

Write down the cards and their positions.

Clear the deck.

Gather the cards together.

Hold cards cupped in one hand. Place other hand on top. Close your eyes.

Say out loud what you have learned from this reading. Express gratitude to your Inner Guide. Put cards back into container. Restore environment if necessary. Using what you have learned

Decide on one or two actions to take based on the reading.

Write down intended actions.

Relate developments in situation to the reading.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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