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This eBook from well-know hypnotherapist Dr. Steve Jones gives you the potential to access the energy inside your own self, and help you wake up from living a life that is characterized making things happen. Once you learn to control your Kundalini, your internal energy, you will reach a state where you will no longer be a slave to other people's reality. You will learn to create your own reality, and bend the real world to your will. You don't have to wait for things to happen anymore. You will no longer have days that you get nothing done because you feel so overwhelmed. Dr. Jones expert work in the field of hypnotherapy is condensed in this book to give you access to the best information on accessing energy inside yourself to stop being passive. Your mental processes will speed up, and you will get mental power that you never knew that you could have. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of Complete Kundalini can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this manual contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

The Initiation Of Tiphereth

So there is nothing strange in the fact that from Osiris, the SolarAdam, should come Solar-Eve, Urania-Venus, His wife. The Two always comes from the One. Just as the Father who is in secret has his wife who is the Divine Mother Kundalini, like wise, Osiris always has Isis as his wife. The conversion of the Trimurtis, one into the other, is something which asks much of the student in terms of understanding. If however, you strengthen your intuition a little, you will be able to understand it. From the holy, divine copula Isis conceives through Immaculate Conception. She is Virgin before birth, during the birth and after the birth. Isis is our particular Divine Mother Kundalini Ram-Io. After the fifth Initiation of Fire, it was necessary for me to be called by my Divine Mother Kundalini she had the Child in her arms. I made a particular esoteric petition, and she responded saying Ask it of the Child , and I asked the Child what I had to ask. When He has triumphed, He...

The Eighth Key the th Path

In this deck the lion is shown with its tail ending in the form of the serpent. (Teth, the Hebrew letter assigned to this path, means snake.) The transforming of one animal into another alludes to the shape-shifting interchange of symbols and energies of the path. The snake and the lion are one. The lion represents brute strength which can be used for good or ill. The serpent represents a form of energy not unlike that of the Eastern Kundalini. This serpent energy is used to

Church In Philadelphia Tree Of Life Kabbalah

In accordance with the ascent of Kundalini along the spinal column, along the Brahama nadi, each one of the chakras of the Chitra nadi are awoken. In the Kabalah, the Igneous Serpent is related with the whole kabalistic tree. What does one need to open the chakras In the first Church of Ephesus, the pivotal point is principally in the virtue of patience. To control the creative energy, one needs the patience of Saint Job. Lucifer is the ladder to descend, and Lucifer is the ladder to ascend.In the second Church, of Smyrna, the virtue is chastity.

The Universe The Keys The Eighth

Pursuant to the relationship of the symbolic lion with the Sun, there is some possibility of confusion. At one level the lion is the Kerub of Fire, symbol of one of the Four Elements. But this is not the same as the lion of the Sun's Spiritual Fire, or Kundalini, which is also the Serpent. The fiery lion-serpent is one aspect of the Life Force which, in manifestation, is a duality of activity and passivity. Kundalini, the Sacred Fire,

Daath Tantric Knowledge

One must know how to understand this. Many, upon noting that the Third Logos divides into the Divine Mother Kundalini, or Shakti, who has many names, have thought that the Holy Spirit is feminine, and have thus been mistaken. He is masculine, but upon dividing into She, the first ineffable divine couple is formed the Creator Elohim, the Kabir or Great Priest, the Ruach Elohim who according to Moses, cleansed the Waters at the beginning of the world.

Sexual Energy Is The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit unfolds into an ineffable woman, this is the Divine Mother clothed in a white tunic and a blue mantle. The Holy Spirit is Shiva the Divine Spouse of Shakti the Divine Mother Kundalini. Electronic Solar matter is the Sacred Fire of Kundalini. When we liberate that energy, we enter the path of authentic Initiation.

Arcanum Number 15 Of The Tarot

The ideal moment for astral projection is that of the dawn, the hour of Venus. If one is however, not at a very pure level, the Luciferic currents pull on one. Remember Venus-Lucifer which has two aspects, just as there is the Sacred Fire which rises, Kundalini, there is the fire which descends, Kundartiguador.

The Apostolate

Just as the Lion transforms the Serpent into its own flesh when it de vours it, so too, the power of Devi Kundalini, the Sacred Fire transmuted, eliminates its defects, its errors. What is important is the Magna Obra. The key you already know the Maithuna. The Alchemists must work for 12 hours to obtain the ferment of the gold. Here is the number 12, whoever possesses Fermented Gold can have the joy to really be . You who seek Initiation You who read so much You who live fluttering from school to school, always seeking, always desiring, always yearning, always longing. Tell me sincerely Have you already awakened Kundalini Have you already opened the 7 Churches of your spinal medulla Have you incarnated the Lamb

The Empress

She in turn unfolds into the number 3 which is Father, Mother and Son which is the Divine and Immortal Spirit in each living thing. The three, Osiris the Father, Isis the Mother and Horus the Son form that which the Sacred Book of the Maya, the Popul Vuh, calls the Heart of Heaven . The Son in turn unfolds into the Animic Soul which each one carries within.

The Priestess

Then came the great flood and all perished they took refuge in caves and these collapsed (this is a reference to the submersion of Atlantis). Each one of us has his Father and his Mother who are very sacred. In the Father and in Mother Kundalini we see the two columns Jakin and Boaz it is they, which support the Temple. The Cosmic Mother in the human being takes the form of a Serpent. There are two serpents the Tempting Serpent of Eden is that of the Goddess Kali, of the abominable Kundartiguador Organ and the Serpent of Bronze which cured the Israelites in the desert, the Serpent Kundalini. They are the two Feminine Principles of the universe the Virgin and the Whore the Divine Mother or White Moon and the Black Moon referring to Astaroth, Kali, the tenebrous aspect.


If we then carefully examine the coccygeal Church of Ephesus, or the Muladhara Chakra, we find that the Kundalini is totally enclosed there, without the slightest indication of any awakenment, and if we examine the Sushumna Channel of the student we find not even a trace of Sacred Fire. We find that the 33 chambers of the student are completely full of darkness.

The Emperor

From the forehead of the Emperor projects the Serpent, symbol of Mas tery. The crown, formed of an asp - Thermuthis - belongs to Isis, our Particular Divine Mother Kundalini. Upon his head is a hat with 4 points, 4 angles, representing the 4 elements, the 4 gospels, the 4 vedas etc. The hat also represents the alembic, the receptacle, the sexual organs, the stove, the Muladhara Chakra, the spinal column, and the still, the brain. In his right hand he sustains the Staff of Power. He is seated upon the perfectly worked Cubical Stone, a product of the previous arcana. Within the Stone is the cat, the fire. In the waters of life is found the Staff of Power, the vertebral colunm. If we reflect very seriously on that intimate relationship which exists between the S and the TAU , Cross or T , we arrive at the logical conclusion that it is only by means of the crossing of the Lingam-Yoni (phallus-uterus) with the utter exclusion of physiological orgasm, that we can awaken Kundalini , the...


The Sacred Serpent or Saviour Logos sleeps coiled within the depths of the Ark, mystically lying in wait awaiting the instant of being awak ened. Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers, coiled within the magnetic centre of the coccyx (the base of the spinal column) shines like a bolt of lightning. It has been said that within that yellow square there is a Yoni or Uterus , and that within the middle of this one finds a Lingam or erotic Phallus around which is found coiled the Serpent the mysterious psychic energy called Kundalini. The crown formed of an Asp, the Thermuthis, belongs to Isis, she is our particular and individual Divine Mother Kundalini, because each one of us has our own.

Adam Protoplastos

When the Igneous Serpent or Kundalini ascends via the spinal column the advance is slow it is realised very slowly, vertebra by vertebra. Each vertebra represents determined Virtues corresponding to an esoteric grade. One never achieves the ascent in a particular vertebra without having first fulfilled the conditions of sanctity required for that vertebra. The 33 vertebrae s correspond to the 33 Grades of Occult Magic, the 33 Grades of the Master Mason, to the 33 years of Jesus. To each vertebra corresponds tests, the Ascension being realised in accordance with the merits of the heart . They who believe that the Kundalini, once awak ened, rises instantaneously to the head so that we remain totally illuminated, really are ignorant people. 1. White Tantrism connection of the Lingam-Yoni without ejaculation of the Ens Seminis. This brings about in us the ascent of Kundalini and Self-Realisation.

Paul F. Case Tarot

Prana, as I have said before, is described in terms that demonstrate its identity with what Eliphas Levi calls Astral Light and Levi mentions the serpent as one of the most ancient and universal symbols of his Great Magical Agent. Like Madame Blavatsky, he expressly declares this force to be the instrument of life. He says, God creates it eternally, and man, in the image of the Deity, modifies and apparently multiplies it in the reproduction of his species. These words would be understood by a Tantrik philosopher as a description of the Kundalini, which innervates the reproductive organism when it is active in the sacral plexus, and becomes the means of regeneration when its current, under proper conditions, is made to pass through higher centers of the nervous system, until finally it reaches the seventh gate, or Third Eye. He who makes the Kundalini function through the Third Eye gains direct and detailed knowledge of natural laws. Of these, some are not even suspected by the...

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