wand, of Golden Dawn Chief, 86, 176 water, Mem, maternal letter, 186;

High Priestess as source of, 235 weighing of souls, 199 Westcott, William Wynn, 11, 28, 135 wheel, of Life, iconography of, 199;

of birth, death and rebirth, 196 WHEEL OF FORTUNE, Caph, 195-201 White Lion, 180 Whore of Babylon, 209 window, Heh, 225 Wirth, Oswald, Tarot designs, 212 wisdom-folly, Daleth, 230 Wise Old Man, archetype, 207

Fenris, which devoured Odin, 249 Words of Power, 167

Yates, Frances, 1 Yeats, W.B., 11 Yesod, Foundation, 108-111 Young, Ella, 12-13

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