The Sixes

Definite accomplishment and carrying out of a matter.

The underlying characteristic of all of the sixes is success which results from effort. In Atziluth, world of energy, this means victory. In Briah, world of pleasure, happiness is brought about after work to that end. In Yetzirah, world of quarreling and strife, success is earned by the strife itself. And in Assiah, world of business and commerce among men, this means material success.

SIX OF WANDS, Lord of Victory (Jupiter in Leo). Angels of the Decan: Saitel (i)WO) and Olmiah (n>ai>y).

This is Tiphareth in Atziluth, the influence of Tiphareth in the World of Pure Spirit. The benevolence of Jupiter, in the fiery Sign Leo, brings success and possibly warm relationships. It is an aspect suggesting drama to some extent, and of victory which follows great effort. A perfect balance of powers is shown by the crossed wands which, in Crowley's card are those of the three Adepts in Golden Dawn ritual. Waite emphasizes the idea of victory after strife with his mounted figure.

SIX OF CUPS, Lord of Pleasure (Sun in Scorpio). Angels of the Decan: Nelokhiel (^joto) and Yeyayel

This is Tiphareth in Briah, the influence of Tiphareth in the Mental World. As Tiphareth in Atziluth means Victory after effort, so Tiphareth in the Watery world means the beginning of pleasure. Scorpio is a sign of hidden qualities, a sign of discrimination and magnetism. The scorpion may sting where the Will directs. So as the Sun activates the Scorpio energies, the gain or pleasure commences. There is the implication, though not the assurance, that it

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will build. The Golden Dawn and Crowley cards show partially-filled Cups, while the Waite card suggests the beginning of pleasure by flowers emerging from the Cups.

The Influencer Cards

SIX OF SWORDS, Lord of Earned Success (Mercury in Aquarius). Angels of the Decan: Rehaayal and Yeyeziel

This is Tiphareth in Yetzirah, the influence of Tiphareth in the Astral World. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius, and here exerts its stablizing power on the fleeting qualities of Mercury in that Air Sign. The success is the result of Saturn's work in this aspect. Thus the card is called the Lord of "Earned" Success. Here, again, the cutting qualities of Swords are turned to positive advantage, and the Golden Dawn Rose is resurrected after having been torn apart by the five warring Swords of Geburah. In Golden Dawn symbolism, crossed Swords are the positive power of Air. The Swords which do not touch one another are the negative power of Air. And where the Swords come together and touch one another, or the Rose, they may be positive or negative.

Crowley's card is particularly interesting in that the Swords meet at the very center of a Rose Cross of six gold squares, which he explained as meaning "the Rose Cross as the central secret of scientific truth."84 Here again, the way of the Cross is that of suffering, which tends to underscore the meaning of this card as success after anxiety and trouble. The great dificulty with which reward is obtained is shown by Waite's boatman, carrying souls across the river of spirit.

Kabbalistic Angel Nemamiah

SIX OF PENTACLES, Lord of Material Success (Moon in Taurus). Angels of the Decan: Nemamiah and Yeyelal.

This is Tiphareth in Assiah, the Material World. The changing qualities of the Moon, its natural flow, its charm and subtleties, are merged with the hard work and deliberate earth qualities of Taurus. The result is sure success in business and other mundane areas.

Only Crowley's card requires explanation. He has abstracted the Hexagram around Tiphareth (refer again to Figure 16) with its planetary symbols, adding a central Rose-Cross of forty-nine (7 X 7) petals.

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