The Queens

Are seated upon Thrones, representing the Forces of Heh in the Divine Name of each suit, the Mother, and bringer forth of material Force, a Force which develops and realizes the Force of the King. A Force steady and unshaken, but not rapid though enduring. It is therefore symbolized by a figure seated upon a Throne, but also clothed in armour.

Decans Pictures

QUEEN OF WANDS, Queen of the Thrones of Flame, Queen of the Salamanders or Salamandrines (Last Decan of Pisces-first two Decans of Aries).

The Queen of Wands is Water of Fire, Specific Water in the World of Primal Fire. Both the Golden Dawn and Crowley cards show a Queen enthroned above steady flames. In one hand she carries the Fire wand, while the other rests on the head of a Leopard, also the symbol of her crest in Mathers' design. This animal represents the extreme ferocity of Fire tamed by the Queen. Her hand on the animal's head shows the power under her control; the Wand shows that she is able to direct this force. And here we recall that the wand is also a symbol of the will.

Waite's card appears to stress the warmth and attractiveness of this Queen when she is well-aspected, while also suggesting that she has the potential for violence and tyranny.

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QUEEN OF CUPS, Queen of the Thrones of the Waters, Queen of Nymphs and Undines (Last Decan of Gemini-first two Decans of Cancer).

The Queen of Cups is Water of Water, Specific Water in the World of Primal Water. In the Golden Dawn version her right hand holds a Cup from which a crayfish emerges, while her left hand rests a Lotus upon the head of an Ibis. Crowley's card is an abstraction of the same symbols.

The Crayfish relates to the Moon.75 In fact, one of the characteristics of this totally watery card is that its flow changes according to the influences around it, more so than other cards of the deck. The Ibis is a bird traditionally associated with Thoth-Hermes who is, in one aspect, the Moon God.76 In mythology the bird eats the eggs of the Snake (a reference here to Chokmah) and the corpses of the dead. Thus, in the Water aspect of Binah is the reference to the Great Sea from which life flows out, but which also flows inward in death. The Lotus, which has been equated with the Rose itself, is sacred to Isis, the Great Mother. It is, thus, through the intermediary of the Lotus (rather than a direct touch of the hand) that the Great Mother causes the Ibis to do its work. But this is a card as tranquil as the waters flowing before the Queens on the three modern versions. These waters, on which lotuses float, are a means of transmission of forces.

QUEEN OF SWORDS, Queen of the Thrones of Air, Queen of the Sylphs and Sylphides (Last Decan of Virgo-first two Decans of Libra).

The Queen of Swords is Water of Air, Specific Water in the world of Primal Air.

The Marseilles and Waite versions are tame compared to those of the Golden Dawn and Crowley. In these latter cards, the image of a head, newly severed by the Sword of the Queen, is undoubtedly the most gruesome to appear in any Tarot deck. The Golden Dawn papers do not elaborate on this symbolism, which may seem oddly placed with the crest, a winged child's head. Crowley, however, explains this image as the "clear, conscious perception of Idea, the

Conscious Perception

Liberator of the Mind.'"77 As Yetzirah is the realm of deception, we are to understand that keen observation and perception are the sword which protects us, slicing away all fantasy and unreality. The child alone is innocent and unfettered by sterile concepts and useless ideas. It is the very head of man, the thinking-center, which is severed. The principles of the Queen of Swords bring us to an understanding of the ways in which we are deceived by thought, and teach us how to transcend it.

Queen The Gnomes

QUEEN OF PENTACLES, Queen of the Thrones of the Earth, Queen of the Gnomes (Last Decan of Sagittarius-first two Decans of Capricorn).

The Queen of Pentacles is Water of Earth, Specific Water in the World of Primal Earth. In all versions of this card she holds a symbol of her rulership over Earth. In the Golden Dawn card she also holds a sceptre topped by a cube, a six-sided solid referring to the Altar of the Mysteries. She is the uppermost part of this altar (a double cube), the base being the PRINCESS OF PENTACLES. Mathers, Crowley and Waite all agreed that the goat was the appropriate animal symbol for this card because it represents Capricorn.

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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