Secret Paths

The idea of Paths which are "secret," or "hidden" seems to have been introduced (or at least popularized) by Paul Case.60 There is no evidence of the Golden Dawn having schematized any Paths other than the traditional thirty-two. Actually, the Secret Paths are nothing more than the connection of every Sephira with every other Sephira (Figure 8), suggesting that it is possible to move directly from any form of consciousness to any other. This theory is a mitigation of the idea implied in the usual Tree of Life diagram, that we must pass through one Sephira before we encounter another.

Tree Life Path

Figure 8. These Paths connect each Sephira to each other. Tiphareth already has a traditional Path to every Sephira except Malkuth. A) The "Secret" Paths on the Tree of Life. B) The Unicursal Hexagram derived from the Tree.

The concept of Secret Paths definitely expands the possibilities of the Tree. It also allows us to see certain relationships which would not be obvious otherwise, such as the derivation of the Unicursal Hexagram from the Tree itself. This figure was first published by Aleister Crowley, who undoubtedly derived it in this way. In a Tree of Life drawn by Crowley, and published in the 1955 Neptune Press edition of 777, we discover that Crowley has shown all of the additional lines between Sephiroth required to make that figure.

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