Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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It may come as a suprise to some to learn that the primary reason for divination in the Great Work is not to learn the future. Rather, it is for the development of psychic faculties. The more one uses the Tarot cards to find answers to given questions, the more that person taps into unseen currents. Those who have used the Tarot cards for years will attest to the fact that there comes a point where the cards are not longer necessary to an accurate divination. Answers to specific problems are simply "felt."

Most people tend to consider psychism a natural talent, something with which one is born, and that is true. It is, however, possible to consciously develop psychic abilities. To this end, it is necessary to test these growing abilities fearlessly, by expressing feelings about situations and being willing to be completely wrong! Yet the student of Tarot will find that his "guesses" are increasingly correct, as his friends' responses will corroborate.

Some may find that they develop a psychism which is particularly state-dependent, i.e., they may be more sensitive when using alcohol or other drugs.

There are many different methods for using the Tarot cards as divinatory devices, the most complex being that of the Golden Dawn (called by some the "all day method"), as described in Regardie's monumental Golden Dawn and in An Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tarot by the author of this present book. But one of the best methods is also the simplest, the Fifteen Card Spread. This method is not so well known as the "Ancient Celtic," ten-card spread, but it has the advantage of depending upon neighboring cards, offering an enormous number of possible card combinations, and being more fluid than other methods.

Before any divination it is wise to invoke some Higher Force. In its simplest form, this may involve visualizing a sphere of brilliant white light over one's head, and a prayer that the Divine Powers may guide the operation of the cards.

Following this invocation, the cards should be thoroughly shuffled. This is the most important step in a divination, and should be done with the mind as clear as possible. All extraneous thoughts should be eliminated, and the mind made completely passive. In the event that the divination is for a person not present, it maybe helpful to visualize the person as the shuffling is taking place.

The cards will then be placed on a table in the following order:

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