Additional Considerations

The Princes and Queens, when they appear in a reading, almost invariably represent actual men and women connected with the subject at hand. But the Kings sometimes represent either the coming on or going off of a matter: arrival or departure, according to the way in which the cards face. The Princesses may show opinions, thoughts or ideas, either in harmony with or opposed to the subject.

A Majority of Wands: Energy, quarrelling, opposition. A Majority of Cups: Pleasure and merriment.

A Majority of Swords: Trouble and sadness, sometimes sickness, even death.

A Majority of Pentacles: Business, money, possessions, etc. A Majority of Trumps: Forces of considerable strength, often Karmic forces beyond the enquirer's controls. A Majority of Court Cards: Society, meeting with many persons. A Majority of Aces: Strength, generally, as the Aces are always strong cards.

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Tarot Card Readings and Your Destiny

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