In the waters of life a scorpion within an inverted triangle, signifying that with the spilling of the Vessel of Hermes we, like a scorpion, kill the Divine Mother.

In the middle section are two pyramids, one black and one white, symbolising the positive and the negative. Two dogs or wolves, one black and the other white, howl at the Moon. The white, symbolising friendship, is positive whilst the black is negative and symbolises the psychological "I". They represent the terrible struggle between the tenebrous forces. The Moon in essence represents sex. We have to work with the Moon to convert it into Sun. The dog also represents the sexual instinct; and it is due to this that the dog takes us to the very doors of the Absolute.


It is necessary to study, analyse, and reflect profoundly on the esoteric content of this Arcanum.

Arcanum number 18 is light and shadow, white magic and black magic. This is represented by the black dog and the white dog; the black pyra mid and the white.

By adding kabalistically Arcanum 18 we find that 1 + 8 = 9, the Ninth Sphere, sex. We have already said that within our planetary organism there are 9 interior strata; these are the 9 vaults of occult Masonry. The ninth corresponds to the nucleus of the planetary organism, and there is the sepulchre of Hiram Abiff or Chiram Osiris who is the intimate Christ of each one, of each person who comes to this world.

It is erroneous to consider or believe that the Christ is only Jeshua Ben Pandira; which is the name of Jesus the Christ who is, undeniably, the living incarnation of the Word, the Logos.

All of us need to resuscitate that intimate Christ and to achieve this it is obvious that we must descend to the Ninth Sphere, sex. Due to this it is said that Hiram Abiff is in the ninth circle, in the ninth vault.

We are all sons of sex, and for this reason in the Divine Comedy we see the condemned with water up to their generative organs and weeping with tears which congeal in their eyes. This is because it is a vale of tears and afflictions. That the waters reach their generative organs is due to the fact that they are spermatic waters; we are all born and die weeping. If we add 9 + 9 it equals 18. The "9" is contained twice in Arcanum 18. Between the two 9's there is a balance; one 9 is the positive aspect and the other nine is the negative aspect. The 18 is, however, essentially nega tive, disastrous; is the secret enemies of the Arcanum of Twilight. In the work in the Ninth Sphere one has to struggle a lot because one has to learn to sublimate the sexual energy; this is the key or solution to all empires.

In Arcanum 18 the Ninth Sphere is repeated twice. We already know that the number 1 is positive, and that the number 2 is negative. In the same manner if we repeat the Ninth Sphere once, and once again, we will have the two aspects of sex; positive and negative. Now you will understand why Arcanum 18 is light and darkness, white magic and black magic. In Arcanum 18 we find the secret enemies of Initiation.

Now we are going to study the symbolism of the dog. The dog participates in magic. It is a generous animal which in ancient times was al ways consecrated to the God Mercury. The Mercurial dog is strictly symbolic as it clearly allegorises the sexual power. The high honour which the old Hierophants of ancient Egypt awarded to the dog is quite clear.

The "Sexual Fire", the dog, the erotic instinct, is that extraordinary and marvellous agent which can transform us radically.

The dog Cerberus is in the infernal worlds, and we must extricate him, steal him from the Infernos; this means to liberate the sexual force.

To take Cerberus from the dwelling of Pluto is urgent. Cerberus, prodigy of terror, with his barking, his three enormous, blunt heads and collar entwined with serpents. He lives happily there, barking at the dead and filling them with terror.

The dog, and the swan who flies above the waters of life signify the same as the dove, which is the same as the Egyptian ibis; the force of the Holy Spirit, the sexual force. In all, it is the Vessel of Hermes, which must be raised well on high.

In the archaic doctrine, in occult wisdom, the guiding dog who leads the knight to the Sanctum Regnum is spoken of. There are times when the knight forgets the dog and believes that he can continue on the path without him; and it is not so. Sooner or later when he feels stagnant, there remains no other remedy but to take hold of the dog.

When we are at a standstill, it is he who shows us the path. We must take him from the abyss. One must not forget that Three-headed Cerberus pulls at the lead of his master, taking him securely by the path of escape which leads to Final Liberation.

Hercules took him from the abyss to serve as his guide; and we do the same when we attain chastity. Then, working in the Forge of Cyclops, practising sexual magic, transmuting our creative energies, we advance upon the Path of the Razor's Edge to liberation.

Woe to the knight who abandons his dog! He will lose his way and fall into the abyss of perdition.

Unfortunately the intellectual animal mistakenly called man has not at tained chastity; that is to say he has not taken Cerberus from the dominion of the Infernos.

This will now explain to you the reason why the defunct suffer in the Plutonian abysses when they hear Cerberus barking; the hound with three hungry jaws.

We must never forget that Cerberus, the guard-dog of the Infernos, was affectionate to those who entered, and mercilessly devoured those who tried to leave.

The lost obviously suffer the insatiable thirst of lust in terrifying Tartarus. InArcanum 18 we have to unleash bloody battles against the tenebrous. "Heaven is taken by storm". "The valiant have taken it." In the internal worlds the tenebrous of Arcanum 18 violently attack the student.

This path is filled with dangers both within and without. Many are they who begin, few are they who arrive. The majority stray onto the black path. In Arcanum 18 there are very subtle dangers which the student ignores.

Number 9 is positive and negative at the same time; this is the mystery of Arcanum 18. In this terrible Arcanum we find all the potions and witchcraft of Thessaly. The Grimoires are full of tenebrous formulae very fitting to Arcanum 18. We must warn students that the most dangerous potion which the tenebrous use to take the student from the Path of the Razor's Edge is that of the intellect. To invite us to ejaculate the seminal fluid; or to lead us astray by making us consider schools, theories, sects, etc., etc.

We must not forget that they who are misled adore the great beast and say: "There is nothing greater than the beast. Who could be superior to the beast?" (Apocalypse 13. 117).

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six." (Apocalypse 13. 18).

The mark of the beast is the two horns on the forehead. Millions and millions of human beings already have the mark of the beast upon their brow and on their hands. Almost all of the human population of this vale of tears already have the mark of the beast upon the forehead and upon the hands. All those souls were lost, and from 1950 have been entering the abyss. Human evolution failed completely.

The number of the great beast is "666". This is the number of man because that number reduces kabalistically thus: 6 + 6 + 6= 18. Adding the total together we have the following: 1 + 8 = 9, that is, sex. Nine is man because man is the son of sex.

In total, contained within 666 are the Arcana 18 and 9. Arcanum 18 is the abyss, darkness, sexual temptations against which the Initiate must fight.

Arcanum 9 is the Ninth Sphere, Initiation.

The Gods judged the great whore whose number is 666.

The sentence of the Gods was: To the abyss! To the abyss! To the abyss!

/y The Sun

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