Tiphereth is the Husband of the Wife, the Superior Manas of Oriental Theosophy, which is none other than the Human Soul, the Causal. It is that Soul which suffers, and which forms the very human part in us.

We must distinguish between that which is the Human Soul and Tiphereth itself. It is very easy to confuse Tiphereth with the Causal. The Causal Body serves as the vehicle of Tiphereth.

Some kabalists expect that the world of Tiphereth, the world of the Human Soul, or correctly said, the world of the Son of Man, is governed by the Sun. It really is not so, because it is governed by Venus; for this reason the Christ is crucified on Good Friday; and this is something upon which we will need to meditate.

The marriage of Guinevere, the Divine Amazon, the Divine Soul, with the Knight of the Human Soul is a marvellous event. In this we experience a radical transformation, because the Buddhi is like a fine and transparent vessel of alabaster within which burns the flame of Prajna (the Being).

The esoteric Hindu texts constantly mention the famous Trimurti, Atman Buddhi-Manas. This is the Intimus with its two Souls, the feminine Spiritual Soul and the masculine Human Soul.

The source and the basis of High Magic is to be found in the perfect wedding of Buddhi-Manas, be it in the purely spiritual regions or in the terrestrial world.

The authentic Initiatic colleges teach with complete clarity that the beautiful Helen is the Buddhi, the Spiritual Soul of the Sixth Venustic Initia tion; the potential feminine Shakti of the Internal Being. The beautiful Helen of Troy is the same Helen of Goethe's Faust.

Helen clearly signifies the nuptials of Nous (Atman-Buddhi) with Manas (the Human Soul). This union through which Consciousness and Will are identified confers Divine Powers upon both Souls.

The essence of Atman, of the primordial, eternal and universal Divine Fire is found contained within the Buddhi; which in complete union with Manas establishes the Masculine-Feminine.

He and She, Buddhi and Manas, are the Twin Souls within ourselves (although the intellectual animal still has not incarnated them), the two beloved daughters of Atman. The eternally enamoured Husband and Wife.

The eternal Lady, the Spiritual Soul, always demands of her knight the Human Soul, all manner of unprecedented sacrifices and prodigies of valour.

Joyful the knight who, after the hard struggle, celebrates his betrothal to Guinevere, the Queen of Jinas!

The intellectual animal, wrongly called "Man", has incarnated within him a fraction of the Human Soul.

That fraction is called "Essence"; in Japanese Zen it is simply called "the Buddhata". It is the psychic material with which one can, and must fabricate the Embryo of Gold (see the book: "Mystery of the Golden Blossom ").

The Essence lamentably dreams, lying beneath that motley and grotesque mass of submerged, tenebrous entities which constitute the Ego, the Myself, the Self. That Essence is, however, the Materia Prima with which to fabricate the Soul. Unfortunately this concept has still not been well understood by our Gnostic students.

The Chinese Tao clearly teaches that the Essence, immersed within that whole conjunct of "I-Devils" which form the ego, must pass through incessant Alchemical transformations in the Ninth Sphere before becom ing transformed into the "Seminal Pearl".

The Seminal Pearl developing through Sexual Magic and the wonderful work with the Lance of Longinus (to turn the animal ego into cosmic dust) must become the Embryo of Gold.

The marvellous reflection of the sexual energy in the form of a luminous whirlwind, like a ray of light when it is reflected upon hitting a wall, brings about the crystallisation within us of the Flower of Gold, which, as is known, establishes within the Neophyte a Permanent Centre of Consciousness.

The Embryo of Gold, dressed in the Wedding Clothes of the Soul, truly experiences supreme bliss in the instant in which it fuses with the Human Soul. From that instant it is said of us that we are Men with Soul, Sacred Individuals, truly responsible persons in the most complete sense of the word.

In the Embryo of Gold are found condensed all of the experiences of life, and for this reason it clearly originates deep transformations in the immortal pneumatic principles of man. This is how we become Adepts of the White Brotherhood.

The world of Tiphereth is the world of the Will. In that world only the Will of the Father is done; in the heavens as on Earth.

It is a world which is beyond the mind, is of an intense electric blue colour. There exist many other colours, but the fundamental colour is blue.

In that world of natural causes one finds many Bodhisattwas who work under the direction of their Real Being.

In that world Music predominates, Sound. Each one who reaches the Fifth Initiation of Fire becomes an Adept and has permission to enter the World of Music. Here is to be found the Temple of the Music of the Spheres.

One of the Guardians of the abovementioned Temple is a great Master, who, when he lived in the physical world was called Beethoven. He is a great Initiate, his Nine Symphonies are marvellous.

Everyone who reaches this region has to learn the fundamental notions of music because it is the Verb. In that sublime region the Music of the Spheres is heard, which is based in the three measures of Mahavan and Chotavan which maintain the universe within its rhythm. And its pulse is perfect; in that music there can be no error.

There, in the region of Tiphereth is the "Cloth of Veronica", which signi fies the "Christ Will", that the Will of the Father must be done.

It is impossible to attain Conscious Will without working in the Ninth Sphere. There are many places where people are submitted to tremendous tortures in order to acquire Conscious Will, however they only succeed in storing a certain amount of energy.

The true Fakir has his Guru, and does not leave Hindustan. The Fakirs acquire many powers, but nothing more. There are some who raise an arm and never again lower it; and there it remains. With these acts they pursue Will; but Will does not come from here, they do not achieve the fabrication of the Body of Conscious Will. All of that miracle-working leads people astray. For that reason the Fakirs are on the wrong path.

Once the Body of Conscious Will is fabricated, one becomes Twice-born.

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