The Tendency Of The

The Tendency of the Day is calculated by adding the Fundamental Tendency to the kabahstic sum of the date we have chosen

By means of this system one knows how things will go so as to know how to act on that day


Victor Manuel Chavez : Day, 30 April 1969. Fundamental Tendency: 5.

Day 3 Month 4 Year 7

The 10 is the Wheel of Fortune change The 1 is initiative, that which begins, that which commences, originality force.


Mr Guillermo Hickie Tendency for 1-5-1969 Fundamental Tendency 8

Day 1 Month 5

Day 1 Month 5 Year 7

13 Death = 1 + 3 = 4 => 4 + 8 (Fundamental Tendency) = 12 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 => Tendency of the Day 1-5-1969.

The 3 is the artistic, the Three Primary Forces, material and spiritual production. Production, increase, the beautiful, the creative, harmony, art, beauty.


Mr Gil: Tendency of 27 July, 1969. Fundamental Tendency: 3

Day 9 Month 7 Year 7

23 = 2 + 3 = 5 => 5 + 3: Fundamental Tendency = 8

The 8 is tests, suffering. Patience, cooperation must be increased, to know how to wait. To reflect, seriousness of thought, to distinguish between the most and the least useful, between that which is, and that which is not. To not do things madly to scrutinise the pros and cons with patience each one of the numbers of the Kabalah must be studied in depth.

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