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The eyes in the upper part represent the eyes of the Father, signifying internally the infinite, the Holy Eight, the Caduceus of Mercury, the eight Kabirs who direct the planet. The Magician is shown in right-side pro file, meaning that for the manifested, the right side is all. The Serpent protrudes from his brow, indicating that he is arisen, that he is a Self- Realised Master. The Staff of Power, which symbolises the spinal column is in the left hand which points toward the infinite, whilst the right points toward the earth, indicating that he dominates it with science, that one must ascend from below, that one cannot ascend without first descending. One needs to descend to the Ninth Sphere, which has two representations. The first is sex, the Cubical Stone; the second is the nine circles, the Atomic Infernos into which the Initiate has to descend; meaning to descend in order to ascend.

Upon his garment is a triangle with the apex facing upwards. This represents the three primary forces reunited in Kether, the ONE (1). To one side there is a table, which represents the four elements (earth, air, fire and water), the physical plane. Upon the table one finds various elements in a state of disorder: the Sword of Power, the Lingam (male sexual organ); the Chalice, representing the physical cerebrum and on the other hand, the Yoni (female sexual organ) and a Moon which must be converted into a Sun.

Beneath the table one finds the immortal Ibis, the Phoenix bird, the Kala Hansa Swan, the Holy Spirit which symbolises Love. It is beneath the table, indicating that it is by means of the Sacred Fire of the Third Logos that we have to order the disordered elements upon the table.

In the lower part of the card, in the Waters of Life, we find the Cubical Stone. The already worked Philosophical Stone indicates that this is the Work which we must realise. This is the Cubical Stone of Jesod, the sex, Stumbling Block and Rock of Scandal.


One can divide the esoteric study of the Tarot into two parts; the esoteric and the mathematic. The first consists of 22 Arcana; after this begin the advances via mathematics.

Arcanum number 1 is the Magician, that which initiates, which begins; the 1. It is Unity, the Divine Spirit of each person, the Monad or Immortal Spark of each human being, of each living creature. The One is the mother of all unities. The One unfolds to become that which is the fol lowing Arcanum, the Priestess.

In Arcanum 1 we enter the Sanctum Regnum of magic; above the head one sees the Holy Eight represented by two eyes it is the symbol of the infinite, representing the eight Kabirs, the symbol of life and of death.

In the centre of the Earth, in the Ninth Sphere one finds this sacred symbol of the infinite. All organisms revolve around this symbol, just as within the human body of one who wishes to Self-Realise there is al ways an eternal struggle: "brain against sex", "sex against brain against heart". If sex dominates brain it leads to the fall and the Pentagram (representing the Master) rests with the lower extremities facing upwards and the head facing downwards.

The Holy Eight is a very important and interesting symbol within which is enclosed, defined and linked the magnetic currents which are set up between the earthly man and the spiritual. This sign unites or separates all the elements ruled by atomic energy if one traces it with the thumb, middle and index fingers upon the surface of the cardiac plexus.


Achieve a still and silent state of mind. Go to sleep thinking of the figure of the Holy Eight (infinity), making an outline upon the heart in accordance with the previous description. Allow the aforementioned figure to submerge itself within your consciousness, then place the mind in a blank state, without thinking of anything. Thus, after a certain period of time: "you will awaken consciousness in that region called the Astral World".

If we examine the vertebral column we will see the Holy Eight, and there, the two ganglionic cords which are entwined about the spinal cord, which are represented by the Caduceus of Mercury or Hermes. These are: Ida and Pingala, the Two Witnesses, the Two Olives, the Two Candlesticks which are before the throne of the God of the Earth and which ascend to the brain to the height of the pineal gland, thence to the pituitary

between the eyebrows finally reaching the heart by means of an extremely fine thread called Amrita-Nadi.

By means of the right-hand cord the Solar atoms arise; by means of the left-hand, the Lunar atoms arise. When they ascend through the spine, they ignite our Magic powers. The Holy Eight has been, is, and will be, the key of all. No Magician exists without the Holy Eight.

If we consider the outline of this symbol we see that it encloses a double circuit where the two forces cross; one closes and the other opens. This is the Key to open all doors. It opens our Inner Temple, it is the sign which opens the Book of the Seven Seals. In the Sacred Order of Tibet it is universally used.

This Order which we have the great honour of representing here in Mexico, is the most powerful Order of the whole Oriental tradition. It is comprised of 201 members, the higher echelon being made up of 72 Brahmans. The great Regent of the above mentioned Order is the great Guruji Bagavan Aclaiva. The Sacred Order of Tibet is the genuine depository of the royal treasure of Aryavarta. This treasure is the Arcanum A.Z.F.


Immediately prior to going to bed, concentrate on the Sacred Order of Tibet and on the Holy Eight, calling the Master Bagavan Aclaiva; he will assist you to travel in the astral body. Some night we will be called to the Lodge of Tibet and in the Temple of Himalaya we will be submitted to seven tests. When one is called, one is pulled by the feet so that one may present oneself in an upright position.

One must have valour because he will be submitted to many very hard tests. We will be decapitated and pierced through the heart with a sword; one must have valour; he who has aspiration and constancy will triumph. The Sacred Order of Tibet is very exacting, here we find the true Rectors of humanity.

The Fire of Phiegethon and the Water of Acheron intersect in the Ninth Sphere, sex, forming the sign of the Infinite. One must work with Water and Fire, the origin of beasts, men and Gods. He who wants to ascend must first descend, this is something terrible, this is the greatest test, almost all fail.

Everything in life has its price; nothing is given to us as a gift. The price of Self-Realisation is our Life. One must have valour and may then be admitted to the Sacred Order of Tibet.

Our organism has the same constitution as the Earth. We have to work, and to descend to our own infernal worlds.

One has to work with sex; this is the Cubical Stone of Jesod.

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