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"The Inferno is the womb of Heaven. From putrefaction is born the beauty. Lucifer gives us the light when we are victorious over him".

It has already been said the Sephiroth are really twelve in number, Ain Soph is the eleventh, and its antithesis, its fatal shadow, is the abyss, the twelfth Sephiroth, the Kliphoth of the Kabalah.

Below Malchuth, the physical world, are the Kliphoth, which are the infernal worlds.

The word Inferno comes from the Latin "infernus", which means infe rior region. Within every planet the submerged Mineral Kingdom exists with its own atomic Infernos. The latter are always to be found within the interior of any planetary mass, in the infradimensions of nature be neath the three-dimensional zone of Euclid.

The abyss is really the Avitchi of the Hindus, the Nordic Inferno of Ice, the Chinese Inferno with all its yellow tortures, the Buddhist Inferno, the Mohammedan Inferno, the Egyptian Amenti, the tenebrous Tartarus, Avernus, etc. These different traditional Infernos allegorise in a clear form the submerged Mineral Kingdom.

Everyone has heard of spiritualism, of the sabbaths of the sorcerers and witches. There are those who see this as something strange, others as stories which cause one to smile. The crude reality however, is that the medieval witches' sabbaths and the famous witches of midnight are more real than we might think. Those hags (calchonas as they are called in strictly academic Hispanic language) obviously belong to the world of the Kliphoth. Their governess was precisely Maria of the Antilles, so well-known in the ancient medieval convents. Those witches of the ancient witches' sabbaths called her "Santa Maria". I investigated that strange creature in the world of the Kliphoth; how she was able to spend her life with so many Black Magicians, how she was able to be present at so many witches' sabbaths. I never saw in her however, that which one could call perversity.

The tenebrous of the left hand the sub-lunar creatures rendered cult to her, and considered that magician not as someone tenebrous, but as a saint. I wanted to know what truth there had been in that; the alleged sanctity of a creature who was involved with darkness, who is mentioned in so many witches' sabbaths and monasteries of the Middle Ages. Who of those who have occupied themselves with the study of old accounts of medieval High and Low Magic has not at some time heard of Maria of the Antilles? There are so many secrets hidden within the dust of many libraries.

Of course I knew I had to clarify this, and precisely in the world of Tiphereth, I clarified it when I invoked that entity.

I was heard, and to my surprise I met with a Self-Realised Master. I then understood that she had emanated her bodhisattwa from herself, and that this bodhisattwa was versed in the practice of Magic, in the Magic Triangle or the Third Triangle, and was passing through rigorous training, beginning in the Kliphoth, but without doing harm to anyone.

Afterwards, I made direct contact with her bodhisattwa, with Maria of the Antilles, and when I invited her to visit the world of Nirvana, she gladly accepted my invitation.

Once she had fused with her Real Being, the Secret Master, I then saw that this was a matter of a being who had attained perfection in High Magic. Although she may have lived in the world of the Kliphoth, she did so to conclude her learning or psychological training, exercising tremendous powers, but without doing evil.

When one observes that personage, one has to appreciate her Real Being. One realises that the Being is an extraordinary White Magician, knowing in depth the Kingdoms of Light, the world of Malchuth, or the world of the Kliphoth.

The Third Triangle is that of practical magic, and this is a work which must be understood, because prejudices must be put aside in order to be able to work in the world of the Kliphoth.

The adverse Sephiroth are the Kliphoth; the demons are here, the con demned souls, they who suffer, they who have already used their cycle of existences, and who involute in time, the fallen Angels, the tenebrous of the lunar path, the Black Lodge, and all the adepts of the left hand, the henchmen of Lucifer and Ahriman, the followers of the Bons and Dugpas, the enemies of the Fourth Way the Nicolaitans and the Anagarika Tantrics undoubtedly, they who develop themselves in High Magic also live in the Kingdom of the Kliphoth.

The Kliphoth are the Sephiroth inverted, the Sephiroth in their negative aspect, the virtues inverted. For example the qualities of Geburah are rigor, the Law; and inverted are tyranny, dictatorship. A prostitute many times gives herself to men being charitable here we have the principle of the Sephiroth inverted. The charity of Chesed inverted can be indulgence of the crime.

The Kliphoth of the Kabalah are in the Kundartiguador Organ, within Malchuth, the physical world, within the interior of the Earth.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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