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"For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly: so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth." (Matthew 12. 40)

With Tiphereth extraordinary events happen; an Initiate can receive the Initiation of Malchuth, that of Jesod, of Hod, and of Netzach and finally, the fifth, that of Tiphereth, when he becomes a Master. One may however, receive the fifth Initiation of the Human Soul, and thus becoming a Master nonetheless not attain the Initiation of Tiphereth.

The Initiation of Tiphereth comes properly, after the fifth Initiation of Fire. He who receives the fifth Initiation does not always have the joy of attaining the Initiation of Tiphereth; this is a very secret Initiation. They who take the Direct Way receive it.

In the second triangle of the Tree of Life the Cosmic Christ has as a center of gravity Tiphereth; from there he manifests.

There are things which merit reflection, analysis, comprehension. In or der for the Second Logos, Vishnu or the Cosmic Christ, to be able to save a man, He must become the personal, intimate, Jesus Christ.

The Christ is essentially a cosmic force; only if that force is humanised in some manner may it save a man.

The Law of the Solar Logos, the Cosmic Christ, is sacrifice for humanity. He sacrifices Himself from the dawn of life, being crucified in all of the worlds, in each new planet which comes into existence, so that all beings may have life, and have it in abundance.

Only after having passed through the five Initiations of Major Mysteries, having previously sacrificed for humanity, and by very special grace, is the Christ able to reincarnate within us. In order to understand how that cosmic force is humanised in us, one must learn how to control the Trimurtis.

It is very difficult for some brothers to understand this question of the Trimurtis. They are accustomed to think for example, of the First Logos, Second Logos and Third Logos; that is, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but then comes the second Trimurti in which we speak of Osiris, Isis and Horns; that is where they become confused. This is because the conversion of one Trimurti into another Trimurti can not be done on the basis of pure rationalism. There is a purely spiritual factor in this conversion of the Trimurtis, because it is only intuitively that one can learn, capture, grasp the idea.

Kether-Father, Chochmah-Son and Binah-Holy Spirit are three distinct personages and one true God this is what theology teaches. Although those three personages are triune, essentially they are only one, indi vidual, which is the Father.

Within the Father is the Son and the Holy Spirit, just as within the True Man is the Body, the Soul and the Holy Spirit. Likewise within the Ancient of Days there is also the Son, and the Holy Spirit which form an integral, unitotal, Single One. In ancient Egypt this Single Unitotal was called Osiris. (See chapter 7).

Osiris can divide himself; and he unfolds into Isis. Eve always comes from Adam's rib.

As above so below. So there is nothing strange in the fact that from Osiris, the SolarAdam, should come Solar-Eve, Urania-Venus, His wife. The Two always comes from the One. Just as the Father who is in secret has his wife who is the Divine Mother Kundalini, like wise, Osiris always has Isis as his wife.

From the perfect union of these two; Osiris-Isis, the child Horus (pronounced: "Aurus") is born. She and He love each other, and as a result of their love, She conceives by work and grace of the Holy Spirit. That is to say, by work and grace of Her husband the Third Logos, the Christ or Second Logos descends to her immaculate and virginal womb.

It must be taken into account however, that although She may be the wife of the Third Logos, within the Third Logos is the Second Logos, and the First Logos also, because from start to finish the logos is triune and indivisible, unitotal and integral. A great deal of subtlety much re finement, much syntheticism and intuition is needed to understand this.

The conversion of the Trimurtis, one into the other, is something which asks much of the student in terms of understanding. If however, you strengthen your intuition a little, you will be able to understand it. From the holy, divine copula Isis conceives through Immaculate Conception. She is Virgin before birth, during the birth and after the birth. Isis is our particular Divine Mother Kundalini; Ram-Io.

Thus the child comes into being who in Egypt is called Horus, and in Hebrew times was called Jeshua, our adorable Saviour. The Jesus of the Gospels is profoundly meaningful, because "Jesus" comes from the word Jeshua, which in Hebrew means Saviour.

Jesus, Jeshua and Horns are the same, the child who is always in the arms of his mother, Isis or Maria. It is the same Christ who has descended from the Second Logos, the Cosmic Christ humanised, having become the Son of a divine man and a divine woman. He has become the Saviour Child-King, but is an individual Child-King given that it is one's very own Being. He is the crowned Child of Gold of the Alchemy.

It is Jesus Christ because Christ is the Second Logos, and Jesus because He has become a Saviour. In order to become a Saviour He has had to descend from His own sphere, enter a most pure virginal womb and be born by work and grace of the Holy Spirit. He has become the Child of the Divine Mother, the Son in fact of his Parents.

Indubitably we must distinguish between what Jesus Christ is as Great Kabir; the man who preached the Doctrine of the Intimate Christ of each one of us, and what the intimate, individual Jesus Christ of each one of us is.

The Cosmic Christ is impersonal and universal, and is beyond the individuality of the personality and the "I". It is a cosmic force which ex presses through any man who is correctly prepared. At one time it found expression through Jesus of Nazareth, through Hermes Trismegistus, through the Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni, through Quetzalcoatl etc and it may express through any Avatar. So as to be able to express, this force must descend from superior spheres and enter the womb of a Virgin called Isis, Maria, Tonantzin, Insoberta, Maia, Cibeles etc, who is the individual Cosmic Mother, given that each one of us has his own.

When one reads the Epistles of Paul the Apostle, one may verify to one's surprise that Jesus the Great Kabir, or the historical Christ is rarely mentioned; the Intimate Christ is always alluded to.

However, for the Intimate Christ to be born within us - Jeshua humanised - one must have worked in the Forge of Cyclops and have formed the existential Bodies of the Being.

For the Saviour to be born, the phenomenon of Bethlehem must be repeated. The aforementioned event is both very profound and symbolic. That small village of Bethlehem of which the gospels speak, is some thing very allegorical. It is said that that tiny hamlet did not exist in the time of Jesus of Nazareth. If we analyse the word "Belen" [Spanish for Bethlehem] we have Bel-En, and we see that "Bel" in Chaldean terminology means "Tower of Fire". When does one attain the "Tower of Fire"? When the superior existential Bodies of the Being have been created, when the Sacred Fire has reached the upper part of the brain; this is when the phenomenon of Bethlehem occurs.

One may also however give the case of the Initiate who, in spite of hav ing the Solar Bodies, does not incarnate the Child. I want with this to say something which is of a very subtle nature and which goes unnoticed by kabalists because we have Tiphereth united with the Causal Body.

We can clarify this question by analysing the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. (I Corinthians 15. 47-49). Paul says that there exists the Earthly Man and the Celestial Man. The Earthly Man is unquestionably formed of the Physical Body, the Etheric, the Astral, the Mental, and that of Conscious Will. For the Son of Man to be able to come it is necessary to form the Earthly Man, because the ordinary man is still not a Man.

It is when one has had the good fortune of creating the existential Bodies of the Being that one may be called a Man, although he be Earthly. The second man of whom Paul speaks is the Celestial Man, and he says:

"And as we have born the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly."

The Son of Man comes when He has to fulfil some specific mission on Earth, when the Initiate has taken the Direct Path to Final Liberation.

After the fifth Initiation of Fire, it was necessary for me to be called by my Divine Mother Kundalini; she had the Child in her arms. I made a particular esoteric petition, and she responded saying: "Ask it of the Child", and I asked the Child what I had to ask.

Afterwards, I was able to receive the Initiation of Tiphereth, that is to say, after the fifth Initiation of Fire. Then, that Child which I had seen in the arms of his mother, my Divine Mother (since each one of us has his very own) penetrated within my organism by the marvellous doorway of the Pineal Gland, which Descartes called the seat of the Soul. In this case my body became the stable where the Child was born, where he came into the world.

I can say to you that in the beginning one does not much notice the pres ence of the Child within oneself. He is born amongst the animals of the stable, which are none other than the animals of desire, the passions, the vices and defects which keep the consciousness trapped. These are the elements which make up the "pluralised I". The "I" is really formed of animal elements, these are nourished from the inferior substances of the lower animal depths of man, there they live and multiply. Each animal elemental represents a particular defect; these make up what is called ego, the animals of the stable where the Child is born in order to save the man.

That Child has to suffer a great deal. He is not born in a grand palace, he is born in a stable; is born extremely weak, very small, amongst the great masses of "I's" who surround the stable.

The God Child grows little by little, over time He develops. How does He grow? In what way? By eliminating the "I" disintegrating them, reducing them to ashes, to cosmic dust. This is how our personal intimate Jeshua grows. The labour which that Child must undertake is very arduous; it is the Christ which is born in the stable to save us, and He must kill within Himself all of those animals of the stable. He must over come the princes of evil in Himself, the sons of infidelity in Himself, and the temptations which one must pass through being human, being a person of flesh and bone. These are the temptations through which he must pass; they are His temptations, and one's own body of flesh and bone becomes His body of flesh and bone. In this lies the value of His sacrifices, of His efforts.

This is how the Son of Man comes to the world and becomes a man of flesh and bone; becomes a man amongst men and is exposed to the suffering of men, must experience the same tortures as any man. Our psychological process becomes a process which He must order and transform; our preoccupations are His preoccupations. For just reason He has been called Holy Constancy because He cannot be defeated, and in the end, triumphs. He is then showered with glory, is worthy of all praise, dominion and majesty.

The Kings of Intelligence, the Three Wise Men, the true geniuses will always recognise the Lord and will venerate Him; will come to adore Him.

As He grows, the suffering for Him becomes greater and greater. He, being so perfect must overcome the powers of darkness in Himself; be ing so pure, He must overcome the impurity in Himself having passed beyond all possibility of temptation, he must overcome the temptations within Himself.

The Child will always find himself in great danger; Herod, the world, the tenebrous will always want to slaughter Him. The Baptism in the Jordan of existence will always be essential; the waters of life clean, transform and baptise. The Transfiguration interprets with supreme intelligence the Law of Moses; He, transfigured, teaching the people and dis playing in his work all of the marvellous zeal of Elias.

The Intimate Christ will always come to us walking upon the tempestuous waves of the sea of life. The Intimate Christ will always establish order in our mind, and return the lost light to our eyes; will multiply the bread of the Eucharist to nourish and strengthen our Souls.

The Intimate Christ incarnated in an Initiate will preach upon the roadsides of this Great Jerusalem of the World, delivering to humanity the message of the New Era.

But the scribes, who are intellectuals of the epoch, those who form the cultural aspect will say: "That man is mad". Itso happens that the intellectuals wish to organise everything on a basis of reasoning. Any human is able to develop through the most strict logical processes of his encephalous brain a materialistic theory or equally, a spiritual theory and in one like the other, as much in the thesis as the antithesis, the logic is truly admirable.

His teachings are also rejected by the priests, the people of all religions, of all pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult organisations. Those persons who consider themselves to be very serious always say: "What this man says is madness; he is evil." This is how the Son of Man is rejected in this world.

Every Initiate has to live the Cosmic Drama of the Crucifixion in him self. The Three Traitors crucify him, they deliver him. Judas, the Demon of Desire sells him for 30 pieces of silver, hands him over for women, pleasures, diversions. Pilate, the Demon of the Mind always washes his hands, finds a justification for all of his errors. Caiaphas, the Demon of Ill-will always wants to have his own way, abhors the Will of the Father. The Initiate has to live the Cosmic Drama in a complete, integral and total form.

We find that he is cursed and betrayed and will have to die; that is to say that the earthly man must die, he submits himself to the Will of the Father and goes to his death, his posthumous work.

In the consciousness of an Initiate there will always be wonderful cosmic events, and amongst the lightning, thunder and great earth quakes of the Soul the Lord will always deliver his Spirit to the Father exclaiming; "My Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit". Then comes His death.

With His death, His psychic aggregates are disintegrated, and after the body has descended to the sepulchre for three days, it resuscitates. These three days are also allegorical. After these three days the Son of Man passes through great purifications; the very last inhuman element which he has within dies. For this reason it is said that the Son of Man has died in Himself, has killed death because death can only be killed with death. Later, the Son of Man has to resuscitate with the Physical Body and be comes a Resurrected Master, has the Elixir of Long Life, is a true King of Nature according to the Order of Melchizedek. We may then exclaim like the Apostle Paul; "Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? Ograve, where is thy victory?" (1 Corinthians 15.54-55).

The important thing is that He attains redemption; with His resuscitation, the Soul within Him resuscitates. All of our animic and spiritual principles resuscitate in Him and are one in Him.

It is necessary to understand that He is our authentic internal Saviour, our particular intimate Jesus Christ.

Thus He resuscitates in the Father, and the Father resuscitates in Him. When Phillip, that Master who is an expert in the states of Jinas, said to Jesus: "Show us the Father", the Great Kabir replied: "He who has seen the Son, has seen the Father."

The three Great Purifications are symbolised by the three Nails of the Cross. Above the Cross is the word INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra).

The fire incessantly renews nature. The three Nails signify the three purifications by the fire and by the iron. After the three purifications based in fire and iron one achieves the Resurrection of the Dead. The Three Days are three periods of labour in which the Son of Man must realise the Great Work.

Bear in mind that it is with the Cross that the undesirable elements have been eliminated. The fidelity to the Father is demonstrated with the Cross; there are many who say, I am faithful to the Father, to the Mother, to the Son of Man, but when the hour of testing comes, in the moment of truth, they fail with the Cross. Where is the Cross? This is the Cross of the Lingam-Yoni; it is here that they fornicate, adulterate, commit their evil deeds. Thus the undesirable elements must be disintegrated in order to seek the death of the earthly man.

It is necessary to know that Jesus the Great Kabir who came to the world 1,999 years ago, and who preached this Doctrine, knew very well that each person has his particular Intimate Jesus Christ. For this reason He said that He wanted each one to follow his own Intimate Christ, that it is He who is important, because He is our Saviour. It is He who comes to reconcile us with our own Father who is in secret, with the Ancient of the Centuries; He is the Great Reconciler.

When He has triumphed, He is glorified and is worthy of all praise and glory, given that He has overcome all of the evil within Himself. He has not overcome it outside, but rather within Himself. He has been sacrificed like a lamb and for this reason is called the Sacrificial Lamb. He has sacrificed Himself to save us with his Blood; that is to say, with the Fire. In Alchemy the Blood represents the Sacred Fire of Kundalini.

It is good to understand all of this; I am explaining to you that which I have, in essence, lived; that which I am experiencing in myself. I would not commit the crime of saying to you that Jam the Christ, that would be blasphemy, a lack of respect for the Saviour, but I do say to you that He is saving me, as He has saved so many. I may be one more of those who are saved, and as I am working, I have experienced it; what I am saying I have verified, I have lived.

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