Prediction And Synthesis


The Magician: Man "Sword, Will, Power." ARCANUM 2

The Priestess: The Wife of the Magician "Occult Science. Favourable". ARCANUM 3

The Empress: The Divine Mother "Spiritual and material production." ARCANUM 4

The Emperor "Rule, Progress, Success, Mercy." ARCANUM 5

The Hierarch: Rigor. The Law "Karma, Mars, War." ARCANUM 6

Indecision: The Lover "Victory, Good Luck." ARCANUM 7

Triumph: The War Chariot "Wars, Struggles, Atonement. Pain, Bitterness". ARCANUM 8

Justice: The Arcanum of Job "Suffering, Tests, Pain." ARCANUM 9

The Hermit: Initiation "Solitude, Suffering." ARCANUM 10

Retribution: The Wheel of Fortune "Successful dealings. Changes." ARCANUM 11

Persuasion: The Tame Lion "Favour of the Law. Have no Fear. Mars." ARCANUM 12

The Apostolate: Sacrifice "Tests and Pain. The ArcanumA.Z.F takes away the pain." ARCANUM 13

Immortality: Death and Resurrection "Transformations. Indicates Total Change." ARCANUM 14

Temperance: Matrimonial Association "Long Life. Stability. No Change."


Passion: Typhoon Baphomet "Failure in Love. Advises of Dangers." ARCANUM 16

Fragility: The Fulminated Tower "Punishment. Terrible Fall. Avoid this Date." ARCANUM 17

Hope: The Star of Hope "Signifies Hope and Wait." ARCANUM 18

Twilight: Hidden Enemies "Hidden Enemies appear at any Moment. Illnesses. No Dealings."


Inspiration: The Radiant Sun "Successes. Good Luck. The Philosophical Stone." ARCANUM 20

Resurrection: The Resurrection of the Dead "Favourable Changes, take advantage of them. Put an end to weaknesses."


Transmutation: The Fool, Foolishness "Total Demoralisation due to evil. The Magic Key, Rune Olin. The Antithesis; enemies of Hiram Abiff."


The Return: The Truth, The Crown of Life Force. Good Luck."

"Triumph, Everything turns out well. Power.

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