In the waters of life, the Cubical Stone; within the stone, the wading bird and upon it, the dove of the Holy Spirit.

In the middle section a woman closes the jaws of a furious lion, indicat ing that this is superior to violence. Upon her head is the crown, and from her forehead rises the Serpent, indicating Mastery.

The lion is the Fire element; it also represents Gold. In ancient times the chariots of the kings were drawn by lions, and in esoteric symbolism the chariot of war drawn by lions symbolises the Solar Bodies.


In the Kabbalah, card number 11 is known as Persuasion. The hieroglyph of this Arcanum is a beautiful woman who tranquilly, and with olympian serenity closes the jaws of a furious lion with her very own hands.

The thrones of the Divine Kings were adorned with lions of solid Gold.

Gold signifies the Sacred Fire of Kundalini. This reminds us of Horus the Gold.

We need to transmute the lead of the personality into the Gold of the Spirit. This work is only possible in the Laboratory of the Alchemist. When the fledgling Alchemist is crowned, he is transformed into a God of Fire. He then opens with his own hand s the terrible jaws of the furious lion. The potable Gold of Alchemy is the Sacred Fire of the

Holy Spirit. The fusion of the Cross-Man in the Triangle-Spirit (Arcanum No. 12) would be impossible without potable Gold.

Number eleven breaks down kabalistically as follows: 1 + 1 = 2 => 1 = Masculine; 2 = Feminine. 1 Man + 1 Woman = 2 Man - Woman, the "Fire".

The number 11 consists of two units which Henry Khunrath translates in these two words: Coagula Solve. We need to accumulate Sacred Fire, and then learn to project it.

The key is in the connection of the membrum virile with the genitalia murielis, the quietude of the membrum virile and the genitalia murielis — with an occasional gentle movement — to transmute the animal instincts into will, sexual passion into love, lustful thoughts into comprehension; and vocalising the secret mantra.

Man is a unit, woman another; this is the number 11 of the Tarot. Only with woman, working in the Great Work, can we incarnate the Child of Gold, Horus, the Verb, the Great Word. In this manner then, the number 11 is the most multiplicable number.

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