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This is a table or diagram which is very important to the deep under standing of Esoteric Mysteries.

It is a quadrilateral and divided in 9 numbers. There is a triple vertical and horizontal division. The principles of arithmetic and geometry are expressed here.

We find in that table, individual architecture, the interior universe which is what each one of us must fabricate within. It is the construction of our intimate interior universe. Cosmic architecture is related with the 7 cosmos of the Infinite. Social architecture is related with the construction of our temples, houses, buildings.

It is necessary to understand that this table has a relationship with the three previously-mentioned principles of architecture, with geometry, and with mathematics. A relationship must be made with numbers be cause in that the Kabalah is based.

The diagram divided into 9 parts represents a triple extension, or the triplicity of the Ternary; that is, the Ninth Sphere.

We have explained much about the Ninth Sphere, but this can be dem onstrated mathematically. Everything which is related with the Ninth Sphere and the Self-Realisation of man can be proven with numbers, or esoteric mathematics which comes from remote times.

We will analyse the first vertical Ternary: 1. Monad. 4. Cross. 7. Septenary.

The "1" is the Monad, the unity the Iod-Heve Jehova, the Father who is in secret; is the Divine Trinity and is not incarnated in a Master who has not killed the ego. It is Osiris,

God himself, the Verb. It has expression in tie 4 because the 4 is the Chariot of Mercabah of the Kabalah, which are the 4 Bodies:

1. Physical Body.

2. Authentic Solar Astral Body.

3. Authentic Solar Mental Body.

4. Authentic Solar Causal Body.

It is the Chariot of the Ages which takes the form of the Celestial Man. The Monad finds expression by means of the Chariot; in it He travels. The 4 also represents the 4 points of the Cross, which enclose the Mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni. In the crossing of these two is found the key with which Self-Realisation is attained. The Monad Self-Realises by means of the Cross. Without the 4 there is no Self-Realisation, the Law of the Ternaries which belongs to esoteric mathematics would be violated.

Contained within the 4 are the Mysteries of sex. Masculine plus feminine = (cross).

The Self-Realisation of the Monad is verified in the Septenaiy, in the authentic Man. The Septenaiy is complete when the 7 principles or Christifled Bodies are attained, the 7 chakras developed and the 7 Serpents of Fire raised.

We will analyse the second vertical Ternary:

2. Divine Mother.

5. Intelligence.

8. Caduceus of Mercury.

The 2 is Heve, the Divine Mother, is the Father which divides; later She is also Brahama, because She is the feminine aspect of the Father.

Iod Monad.

Heve Divine Mother.

Iod-Heve Jehova.

The authentic Jehova is our Father who is in secret, and our Divine Mother. The cruel Jehova of the Jews is an anthropomorphisation of the true authentic Jehova who is within each one of us.

Heve, the Divine Mother expresses through Inteffigence, which is number 5. She is the means by which one attains the elimination of the ego because true inteffigence is in Her. If one wishes to dissolve the ego one must appeal to the Divine Mother; in deeply comprehending our own errors and beseeching Her, She eliminates them for us.

The Divine Mother manifests through the Holy Eight, or Caduceus of Mer cury which represents the spinal column, the Kundalini energy ascending through the channel of Sushumna.

The Holy Eight has its root in sex. The Holy Eight is the sign of the Infinite.

The relationship between the 2, 5 and 8 is extraordinary; the Caduceus of Mercury or sign of the Infinite is to be found in the Ninth Sphere.

All of this wisdom was known in the Pythagorean Mysteries. They are known to Masonry, but they have not studied them profoundly.

We will analyse the third vertical Ternary:

3. Trinity.

6. Love, Man and Woman. 9. The Ninth Sphere.

The number 3 corresponds to the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit. The Third Logos is in essence, the creative sexual force which expresses in all the universe. One works by means of number 6 which is related with sex. Here the man and woman is to be found; in the Tarot a man is shown before vice and virtue, before the Virgin and the whore. The sexual force must be worked with through the 6, or that is, with love this has an expression in 9 which equals the Ninth Sphere. Number 9 is the number of the Master.

The three triads or horizontal lines represent the three worlds.

Spiritual Spirit. Animic Soul.

Physical Body.

Contained within this table are the principles for the Self-Realisation of man.

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