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To the number 3 corresponds the zodiacal constellation of Gemini and the planet Jupiter. The musical note of number 3 is Mi, the colour purple, the metal tin, the plexus, the splenic (spleen) and the hepatic (liver).

The transmutation of the creative energy corresponds to the number 3. The splenic chakra is the centre of the Etheric Body, the life of the Sun enters our organism here.

During the night the splenic chakra gathers the energies left by the Sun during the day. With that energy the splenic chakra transmutes the white corpuscles into red corpuscles. During the day the organic wastes obstruct the nerve channels of the Great Sympathetic nervous system. During sleep the vital energy makes the chakra there rotate, and this in turn uses the energy of the Sun. It passes to the spleen transmuting the white corpuscles into red. The energy passes to the solar plexus and is distributed throughout the whole nervous system. The thyroid gland cooperates, disinfecting the whole organism. It is clear that when the ego (lunar Astral ) returns, the organism will have been repaired, and we feel in better health. When one gets up feeling very tired, it means that the organism is ill. The hepatic chakra serves for astral projection. The Astral Body is con nected with the liver. By awakening the chakra of the liver anyone can enter and leave the Physical Body at will. The splenic, hepatic and solar plexus are developed with the Egyptian mantram


One chants on the note Mi, thus developing the three chakras and the lungs.

Number 3 is power, has 50 Gates and 50 Lights. We already know the significance of the 50 Gates - they must be sought within oneself.

50 Gates = 5 + 0 = 5 (Pentalpha, man) 50 Lights = 5 + 0 = 5

The "10" are the 10 Sephiroth of the Kabalah, 10 = O, the symbol for the Divine Mother, the line being nothing more than the point extended.

We have found that 10 = * within the l0 we ah know is the , the creative energy the Holy Spirit. This gives us the power, the power of sex. It is there where the force of the Holy Spirit is; the 50 Lights are the power of the Holy Spirit. Without that force we "do not have a sword, and without the sword, are disarmed."

It is said that the Law of Moses is contained within the number 3, be cause the Holy Spirit is within the 3. The Holy Spirit is that which illu minates us, teaches us the Law.




Father. Son.

Holy Spirit.

In looking at the practical aspect of life we find that the number 3 is material, as well as spiritual production; the realisation of our own yearnings, aspirations, ideas.

But if we wish to be fruitful, attain success, we have to handle the 3 with intelligence because in the 3 exists harmony, art, beauty.

To express everything in a beautiful way.

If one wishes to triumph, one must use the 3, be it with the word, or the manner of dress. The 3 allows the realisation of our cherished desires.

To lay a foundation creates favourable conditions so that triumph may be realised. If the Tendency 3 (we will see this later) falls to us one day, we must do things well, with precaution and beauty, with harmony, perfection. We must know how to create so as to have that which we desire that day; be it in dealings, in our work or in anything whatsoever.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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