Number Seven

Number 7 is a very strong number. Its planet is Neptune and it corresponds to the constellation of Libra.

Its musical note is SI; the metal, bronze; the stone, opal.

Its colour is magenta (a blue colour, a colour which is purplish grey). All of the Nadis, or nerve channels are of this number.

The number 7 is guarded by "248" precepts; we progress in accordance with the extent to which we understand these 248 precepts. Arcanum 7 is Triumph, and he who triumphs sees the astral light, and is practically Self-Realised.

If we add 248 together it gives us 2 + 4 + 8 =14; 1 + 4 = 5. The 248 precepts reduce to Arcanum 14 of the Kabalah which is Temperance, a woman with two vessels who mixes the two Waters; that is to say the White Elixir with the Red Elixir of life, of the Alchemy. This is the work with the Sun and with the Moon, the work of transmutation.

Number 5 becomes the perfect Self-Realised Flaming Star. Number 7 is the number of Victory having 248 precepts of an affirmative type. One must understand the 248 precepts in order to attain victory over oneself and to be able to see the astral light.

There we find the force of the Soul, of the action and the image, answer or result. Number 7 is the Arcanum of Victory, the 248 precepts are re duced to Arcanum "5", which is none other than the resplendent Flam ing Star, the Star of Divinity.

Number 7 is efficiency, integrity, concentration, clemency, yearning for the ascendent life.

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