Number Nine

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Number 9 is the Enneagon, is the Ninth Sphere. It is related with Mars through the Ninth Sphere. There one undertakes the battle with oneself, against all, against nature; because here demons and Gods are formed, and one must descend to the bottom of the Inferno to fabricate the Solar Bodies.

The ninth constellation of Sagittarius corresponds to it. The metal is iron, its stone the carbuncle. The colour is red and the musical note, Re in the second octave.

The coronary plexus and the creative organs, the gonads correspond to the number 9.

The work with the Ninth Sphere has an objective; to create the Solar Bodies. It must be understood however, that although an individual may have fabricated those Bodies, he has not for this reason attained immortality.

To achieve immortality it is necessary to have worked in the dissolution of the ego, because if not one becomes a Hanasmussen with a double centre of gravity. These are the miscarriages of the Cosmic Mother which enter the infernal worlds until they reach the second death.

It is necessary to attain the elimination of the ego and of the Three Traitors. When one attains one hundred percent of consciousness, then one realises what the ego and the Three Traitors are.

The Red Demons of Set must be reduced to a cosmic dust cloud. it is necessary to experience absolute death, because if any subjective element remains alive, the deceased is called to order.

They who have died in themselves are received in the World of the De ceased. Emotion, wisdom, generosity and geniality belong to number 9. Finally we have the zero, this is eternity, the Universal Spirit of Life.

In the Kabalah one must work with all of the numbers. Number is holy, is infinite, is eternal.

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