In the waters of life of this Arcanum the Serpent is shown biting its own tail, forming the sign of the Cosmic Mother, the Infinite (0, zero).

One finds a woman kneeling upon a tumulus with 3 steps which represents the Arcanum A.Z.F. (waters plus fire equals consciousness).

In her left hand the woman holds the Sword of Power pointing upwards, and with her other hand balances the scales, indicating that a balance must exist between the mind, heart and sex. Ra appears in the upper part of the card, (this is the other symbol for Ra apart from the wings).


Arcanum number 8 is Judgement. The 8 is the number of Job; tests and sufferings. The esoteric sense of this is represented by a sword.

The number 8 is the number of the Infinite. The vital forces of the Fire of Phlegethon and the Water of Acheron circulate, intertwining in the Ninth Sphere in the heart of the Earth in the form of an eight. The sign of the Infinite is also formed within the spinal column. The sign of the Infinite means to work in the Ninth Sphere, and this indicates the sex.

Arcanum number 8 is a woman with a sword in her hand before the Balance of Cosmic Justice. Really only she can present the Sword to the Magician. Without woman no Magician is able to receive the Sword. There is Eve-Venus the instinctive woman, Venus-Eve the woman of the home. There is Venus-Urania, the woman initiated in the

Great Mysteries. And finally we affirm the existence of Urania-Venus, the Woman Adept, the woman who is the fully realised woman.

The woman of Arcanum number 8 of the Tarot has the Balance in one hand and the Sword in the other. It is necessary to balance the forces, it is urgent and necessary to sanctify ourselves absolutely and practice the Arcanum A.Z.F; the forces of man and woman are balanced in love and in wisdom.

The miraculous ascent of the seminal energy to the brain is made possible due to a certain pair of nerve filaments which, in the form of an eight, extend to the left and right of the vertebral column.

In Chinese philosophy this pair of filaments is known by the classic names of "Yin" and "Yang", being the "Tao" the Path of the Middle Way, the Medullar Channel, the secret way by which the Serpent ascends.

Obviously the first of these two channels is of a Lunar nature, whilst the second is ostensibly of a Solar type.

When the Lunar and Solar atoms make contact with the triveni near the coccyx, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers awakens.

The Serpent which forms the figure of a circle, in that Gnostic trance of devouring its own tail, is an extraordinary synthesis of that marvellous message of Lord Quetzalcoatl. In the vertical position it illustrates the Maya or Nahuatl idea of the Divine Viper devouring the Soul and Spirit of man, or finally the sexual flames consuming the animal ego, annihi lating it, reducing it to ashe s.

The Serpent is unquestionably the esoteric symbol of wisdom and occult knowledge. The Serpent has been related with the God of Wisdom since ancient times.

The Serpent is the sacred symbol of Thoth, and of all the other Holy Gods such as Hermes, Serapis, Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Tlaloc, Dante, Zoroaster, Bochica etc., etc., etc.

Any Adept of the Universal White Fraternity may correctly be represented by the "Great Serpent"; that which occupies such a prominent position amongst the symbols of the Gods which appear upon the black stones of the buildings of Babylon.

AEsculapius, Pluto, Esmun, Kneph, are all, according to Dupuis, deities with the attributes of the serpent. All are healers, givers of spiritual and physical health and of illumination.

The Brahmins obtained their cosmogony, science and cultural arts from the famous "Naga-Maya" who were later called "Danavas". The "Naga" and the Brahmin used the sacred symbol of the Plumed Serpent, an in disputably Mexican and Mayan emblem. The

Upanishads contain a trea tise on the Science of Serpents, or, that which is the same, the Science of occult knowledge.

The "Nagas" (Serpents) of esoteric Buddhism are Real Men, perfect, Self-Realised, by virtue of their occult knowledge and protectorship of the law of Buddha by means of which they correctly interpret his metaphysi cal doctrine.

The Great Kabir Jesus of Nazareth would never have advised his disci pies that they should be wise like the Serpent if it had been a symbol of evil. We would do well to remember the Ophites, the Gnostic Egyptian sages of the "Fraternity of the Serpent". In their ceremonies they would never have made a live snake an object of adoration, being the emblem of Wisdom, Divine Sophia, if that reptile had been associated with the powers of evil.

The Sacred Serpent or Saviour Logos sleeps coiled within the depths of the Ark, mystically lying in wait; awaiting the instant of being awak ened. Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers, coiled within the magnetic centre of the coccyx (the base of the spinal column) shines like a bolt of lightning.

They who study Nahuatl or Hindu esoteric physiology stress the transcendental concept of a marvellous magnetic centre located at the base of the vertebral column halfway between the anal orifice and the sexual organs.

In the centre of the "Muladhara Chakra" there is a yellow square which is invisible to the physical eyes but perceptible by means of clairvoyance or the sixth sense. According to the Hindu, this square represents the earth element.

It has been said that within that yellow square there is a "Yoni" or "Uterus", and that within the middle of this one finds a "Lingam" or erotic "Phallus" around which is found coiled the Serpent; the mysterious psychic energy called Kundalini.

The esoteric structure of this magnetic centre, together with its unusual location between the sexual organs and the anus, provide a solid irrefu table basis to the Tantric schools of India and Tibet.

It is, unquestionably, only by means of the Sahaja Maithuna or Sexual Magic that the Serpent can be awakened.

The crown formed of an Asp, the Thermuthis, belongs to Isis, she is our particular and individual Divine Mother Kundalini, because each one of us has our own.

The Serpent as the feminine Deity within us is the wife of the Holy Spirit; our Virgin Mother weeping at the foot of the Sexual Cross, her heart pierced by 7 daggers.

The Serpent of the Great Mysteries is indubitably the feminine aspect of the Logos, God the Mother, the wife of Shiva. She is Isis, Adeonia, Tonantzin, Rhea, Mary, or better said,

Ram-IO. She is Cibeles, Opis, Dero, Flora, Paula, IO, Akka, the Great Mother in Sanskrit. She is the Goddess of the Lha, Lares or spirits from here below, the anguished mother of Huitzilopochtli, Aka or the Turkish White Goddess, the Chalcidean Minerva of the Initiatic Mysteries, the Aka-Boizub of the Lunar Temple of Chichen-Itza (Yucatan) etc, etc.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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