Arcanum number 20 is that of the Resurrection and this is very impor tant. In occult esoterism it is said that Hiram Abiff or Chiram Osiris lies dead in the Ninth Sphere, in the heart of the Earth. It is said that to reach the sepulchre one must traverse the Nine Vaults, the Nine Strata of the interior of our planetary organism. That Ninth Sphere is in our human organism, is sex. If it is that the Internal Christ is there, dead, then only there will He be able to be revived.

This matter of the Resurrection is somethinggrandiose. Jonas was in the belly of a whale for "Three Days", Jesus rose on the Third Day. This is symbolic. That great whale of Jonas is the Earth itself, our same planetary organism. The Three Days are symbolic because they are "three" periods of esoteric work before attaining the Resurrection of the Intimate Christ in us.

The First Day — it is the Second Birth.

The Second Day — it is to kill the Three Traitors.

The Third Day — it is the Resurrection of the Lord.

We find here the three factors for the Revolution of Consciousness:

3. To Sacrifice for Humanity.

Lobsang Rampa says that he was placed in a sarcophagus for three days as if dead. This is symbolic; there is no school which does not speak of these three days. Various pseudo-esoteric schools stress that one must spendThree Days in the Sepulchre to attain Self-Realisation. Lobsang Rampa says that in that interval of three days duration his body lay as dead in the tomb, and he learnt many things in the superior worlds. This is a symbolic Initiatic ceremony; it gives us a teaching, and one must make a differentiation between the symbolic teaching and the teaching as lived.

Jesus was in the sepulchre and in three days he resuscitated and contin ued living for 11 years, teaching, instructing; so says the Pistis Sophia. In ancient times the information about the Three Days in the Sepulchre was known. In Samothrace, amongst the Maya, the Egyptians and the Aztec; all had their traditions of the Sepulchre and the Three Days. The aspirants to Adepthood were taken to volcanoes, or chambers, or closed tombs which had the form of a Fish; let's remember that the coffin of Osiris in the old Egypt of the

Pharaohs, in the sunny land of Kem, had the form of a fish. This reminds us of Oannes, who spent three days in his sarcophagus an ancient tradition lost in the darkest night.

The old traditions which are lost in the terrifying night of the centuries, tell that whilst the body of the Initiate lies like a corpse in the tomb, his Soul, freed of the dense human form, experiences directly in the superior worlds, the Ritual of Life and Death. Masonry has not forgotten the coffin.

There is something that shows that Tuesday Lobsang Rampa and other authors do not possess complete knowledge, and this is the fact that they confuse the funerary symbol of the Three Days with the crude real ity which it conceals. It is as if we were to confuse ourselves with the flag, which is only a symbol; like being mistaken about the two columns of Jakin and Boaz, which are esoteric symbols which represent man and woman. So also the funerary casket is a symbol. Previously the Initiate used to pass three days in the sepulchre, but everything has its limit, and beyond that limit we have to develop the knowledge. It is necessary to go more deeply into the reality.

What is meant by Jesus arising from the tomb? What is meant by Jonas being in the belly of the whale for three days and then spewed up?

"An evil and adulterous generation seeking after a sign; but there shall be no sign given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas".

"For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth." (Matthew 12. 39-40).

This is symbolic; Jonas says that he was submerged in the Waters, and in the depths of the mountains below; the Earth enclosed him and he, within the profundities of the Earth cried out to Jehovah. The fact that the abyss closed up is very significant going deeper, we must remember the "Leviathan", that marvellous Fish who lives beneath the waters of the sea. (Isaiah 27.1; Job 41.1; Psalms 74.14, 104.26).

This is the First Day, when we submerge within ourselves; it is that day when all of us have to descend to the subterranean worlds in order to fabricate the bodies which allow the second birth. The First Day is that in which we have to descend to the very bottom of Tartarus, like the Law of Leviathan.

On the Second Day it is necessary to return to the depth of the abyss so as to remain there and destroy those things which we have created with our bad actions.

It is indubitable that superlative transformation is only possible with the Resurrection of the Intimate Christ in the heart of man. This is the crucial, culminating phase of the Third Day, the instant in which the Earth or the brilliant constellation of the whale spews forth Jonas the Prophet so he may go forth and teach Nineveh in order to be able to return to the Father. Upon being spewed forth, Jonas became a Resurrected Master and they sent him to teach; for this reason he has a right to the Ascension. Every exaltation is preceded by a humiliation; the humiliation is the descent to the infernal worlds.

This matter of the Three Days lends us to comment about something more profound: let he who has an understanding, understand. It is necessary to comprehend and to meditate. The Leviathan, that which moves through the Waters, is the true Master who has been decapitated and returns to decapitate. Who could decapitate Leviathan? Who would be able to harm him who has already received all manner of injury and has revived? We must become Resurrected Masters!

One thing is the Cross and another the works which must be realised in the Ninth Sphere. There continues to be a correlation between the symbol and the work.

All esoteric advance in these studies has its base in the Kabalah.

Arcana 13 and 14 have not been well understood, and for this reason it is necessary to study them more profoundly. In the Egypt of the Pharaohs, Typhoon cutting into pieces the body of Osiris takes the form of a fish; Isis, the Divine Mother, the wife sister of Osiris, upon trying to revive him, only found "13 pieces", the 14th was the phallus which was not found. The 13 is the Death; it is obvious that Osiris must spend three days in the sepulchre and these three days are equivalent to the three periods for the decapitation of the ego. Isis found the 13 pieces but did not find the 14th, the phallus, because all lustful elements had died in "Him"; he had attained a complete death. Only in this way can Osiris victoriously attend the Temple of Maat (Truth), only thus can he make the Negative Confession, because he no longer has ego; he has Pure Spirit. This matter of Osiris in the sepulchre is most important, he is well-dead, and only on the third day is resuscitated:

1: Generation.

2: Degeneration.

3: Regeneration.

The extraordinary and marvellous form of the old coffin of Osiris, because of its similarity and Initiatic meaning, naturally calls to mind another fish, magnificently represented in the Semitic alphabet by the letter Samek, which occupies the fifteenth place kabalistically, that which indubitably, in the beginning symbolised the famous Constellation of the Whale, under whose rule we must realise all of the works of the Ninth Sphere. That constellation is related with the event of Jonas and has to do with the measurements of the coffin of Osiris which has the form of a fish, because by means of it Osiris had to descend the black and horrifying precipice; had to spend three periods in the belly of the whale.

This is intimately related with Arcanum number 13; that is, the three descents to the infernal worlds. Each descent covers a period of Three Days in the Holy Sepulchre. Jonas

worked three days; three periods of time with sex; at the end of three days the whale spewed him up and he went forth to preach.

The Whale corresponds to the kabalistic Arcanum 15; this invites us to reflect. Arcanum 15 is the Typhoon Baphomet, the Devil, animal passion. This invites us to understand what the work in the Ninth Sphere (sex) really is.

If one fails in Arcana 13, 14 or 15, if one is not able to work within the whale, well then, it is natural that we go down into the precipice with Arcanum 16, which is the Fulminated Tower. The Initiate who spills the Vessel of Hermes will be fulminated by Arcanum 16 of the Constellation of Aries, the Ray of Cosmic Justice will cause him to fall from the tower like the inverted Pentalpha, with the head pointing downwards, and the two legs pointing upwards.

Arcanum 17, the Star of Hope, is for the individual who has never been fulminated, for he who is capable of attaining the Venustic Initiation. If we add this Arcanum it gives us 1 + 7 = 8, the number of Job, patience, tests, suffering.

If we make a kabalistic addition of the figures of Arcanum 15, the Constellation of the Whale, we will have the following result: 1 + 5 = 6. Six in the Tarot is the Arcanum of the Lover; the man between virtue and passion. Learn to polarise ourselves wisely with Arcanum 6 and we will have overcome the terrible 15 of the Constellation of the Whale.

Remember dear reader that in the middle of the chest you have a very special magnetic centre which captures the waves of light and glory which come from your Human Soul; She is Tiphereth, Arcanum 6 of the Tarot. Listen to Her, obey the commands which arise from Her. Act in accordance with those intimate impulses; work in the Forge of Cyclops when this is what She wishes. If you learn to obey you will not perish in the belly of the whale.

Look how you have become a fish working in the chaotic waters of the first instant.

You will now understand why the coffin of Osiris has the form of a fish. It is unquestionable that the seven days, or periods of the Genesis of Moses is synthesised in those three days and three nights of Jonas within the belly of the whale; an Initiatic ceremony which was repeated by the Great Kabir Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre.

Jonas the Prophet, working under the rule of the Constellation of the Whale, located in the deep well of the universe, in the Ninth Sphere (sex), realises his work in three days, or three more or less long periods:

First Day: to descend to the infernal worlds to fabricate the Solar Bodies, the Wedding Clothes of the Soul, and to establish within oneself a permanent centre of consciousness. To descend to the infernal worlds of nature is necessary, it is a period of elimination until the destruction of Set, until attaining the Second Birth.

Second Day: to descend to the abyss to face terrible sacrifices, to utilise the creative energy for the destruction of all the subjective elements of the ego. This work is realised in the lunar infernal worlds, in the sub-lunar regions of which the esoteric books speak.

One then completely eliminates the Three Traitors of the Intimate Christ: Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas; and the atoms of the Secret Enemy. One must disintegrate the Dragon of Darkness, the Red Dragon. One continues with the secondary submerged beasts in which the consciousness is trapped.

Third Day: One must return to the very depth of the abyss to put an end to the innumerable facts from previous lives. One continues dying in the spheres of Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. On the Third Day the black waters are transformed into those of resplendent light; ancient atoms are destroyed, which culminates in the Mystic Res urrection.

Each one of these three periods culminates in:

A. The first period of time concludes with the Second Birth, about which the Great Kabir Jesus spoke to the Rabbi Nicodemus.

B. The second period ends when the consciousness is freed, and with the marvellous weddings. This is nothing other than the wedding of the Human Soul with the Valkyrie, the Guinevere, the Queen of Jinas, which is the feminine Spiritual Soul, the Buddhi within which burns the flame of the Spirit, the flame of Brahama. To women we will say that they then wed with the Eternal Beloved.

C. The third period concludes magisterially with the resurrection of the Intimate Christ within our own heart. And it is logical that then comes the ascension to the superior worlds.

For now, all that one is receiving is information. This must be lived and experienced directly. Do not go astray, but remain constant.

Study the prayer of Jonas, it is beautiful, within it are to be found magnificent esoteric Arcana.

Study the book of Jonas in the Old Testament, investigate all of that archaic information concerning the three days. This must be understood most deeply, because many are they who do not know the work in the Underworld.

In reality, this matter is related with card 12 of the Tarot, because 1 + 2 = 3 (Three Days). Here, the man is hanging by the feet, and with them forming a cross. The hands form a triangle and the head points down wards. This indicates to us to descend the deep well of the abyss. This is the Apostolate.

There are 22 Arcana because it is Truth, Tetragrammaton, Iod-He-Vau He; and there must be 22 Arcana to explain it.

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