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In Arcanum 8 we find the Eighth Key of Basil Valentine. He was, with out doubt a great Gnostic. The gospel of Valentine is admirable; the eighth key refers to the processes of life and of death in the Philosophical Stone carved with the hammer of Intelligence and the chisel of Will.

The eighth key is a clear and perfect Alchemical allegory of the proc esses of the Death and Resurrection which inevitably follow in the eso teric preparation of the Philosophical Stone which is between the columns Jakin and Boaz. The crude stone must be polished in order to transform it into a cubical stone.

The Stone is Peter, and refers to the blessed waters of Amrita. In the perfect edges and angles of the Stone we see the man who works with Amrita. The rough stone and the smooth are situated at the entrance of the Temple beyond the columns. The Worked Stone is to the right, its particularity is that it has "Nine" angles forming "Four" crosses. They who raise the Temple upon the sands fail. It must be raised upon the living rock, upon the Stone. All human matter employed in this work dies, putrefies, rots and goes black in the Philosophical Egg; then it whitens marvellously.

That is to say, within us the Black dies; then appears the White, that which makes of us Masters. Let us remember for a moment the work in the Ninth Sphere, the dissolution of the "I". Let us remember the work in the purgatorial region. The Initiates appear there like putrefying cadavers because all of those larvae that we have within us, rise to the surface giving the bodies of the Initiate the appearance of a decomposing cadaver.

In the eighth key, being an illustration of the Viridarium Chymicum, death is represented by a cadaver, putrefaction by some horns, the sowing by a humble peasant, growth by a stalk of wheat. The Resurrection is represented by a corpse who rises from the sepulchre and by an Angel who sounds the trumpet of the Final Judgement.

All of this represents that we must die in ourselves; the "Ego", the "My self" must become white, pure, clean, perfect. The stage of putrefaction is when one is within the purgatorial region, represented by the horns. A cadaver in a state of putrefaction appears there. It has repulsive, animalesque forms; reptiles, spiders, filthy worms, horrible larvae.

With the aid of the Divine Mother, Kundalini, those animalesque forms are reduced to cosmic dust.

After the seeds of the ego have been incinerated, with the purification of the rotting mass in Purgatory, the Initiate bathes in the rivers Lethe and Eunoe, his bodies shining marvellously. He must be later confirmed in the Sex-Light and then comes the Initiatic Resurrection, represented by the Angel who plays the trumpet. Jesus, after His Resurrection, taught his disciples for many years.

The interesting thing is that all of that putrefaction is realised in the Philosophical Egg (sex). One comes to be confirmed by the Light in the eighth key of Basil Valentine. After attaining the Second Birth, sex is prohibited, and the Master is told: "You may not return to work in the Ninth Sphere because you would then resuscitate the "I" and you have been freed of it. Your esoteric tests have terminated and sex remains prohibited to you for all of eternity." Sex is the lowest part of Initiation, and if it is that we wish to achieve illumination, Self-Realisation, we have to draw back the Veil of Isis, which is the Adamic Sexual Veil.

In the Philosophical Egg (sex), which represents the germ of all life, is found all of the work of the Great Work. The masculine-feminine sexual principles are contained within the Egg. Just as the egg issues from the pigeon; just as the Golden Egg of Brahma issues from the universe; so also, from the Philosophical Egg comes the Master. Due to this it is said that they are Sons of the Stones and they render cult to the Stones.

We Gnostics know that the cadaver, the death of the eighth key repre sents the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse (11.3-6) which are now dead.

By means of the Alchemical putrefaction, represented by the two horns, by means of the works of Alchemy, the Two Witnesses are resuscitated.

All power is found enclosed within the ear of wheat. The Sacred Angel which we carry within sounds his trumpet and the Two Witnesses arise from the sepulchre.

The Two Witnesses are a pair of sympathetic channels, semi-etheric, semi-physical, which are entwined about the spinal column forming the Caduceus of Mercury, the Holy Eight, the sign of the Infinite. They are known in the East as Ida and Pingala.

Eight is the number of Job, the man of saintly patience. That number represents the life and sacrifice of Job which is the path which leads the Initiate towards the Second Birth. The tests are very hard, we need the patience of Saint Job; without it, it is impossible for one to do that Work. To Job came a grave illness (Job 2. 9) (the flesh of Lazarus was rotting; Luke 16. 19-31), the friends of Job, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar (the three traitors of the Internal Christ) said to him: "If you are a friend of God's then why don't you complain?" He said: "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away" (Job 1. 21). The number of Job is patience and meekness; here lies the path of putrefaction. The original Bible, which includes the works of the Aeneid, the Odyssey and Maccabees bears witness to this. Examples of the abovementioned Bible are to be found in the museum in London, in the Vatican, and the Washington Museum. The modern Bible is a cadaver. The Bible is an Arcanum; in Psalms, chapter 19 it deals with the Tarot.

In Arcanum number 8 are contained the Initiatic Tests. Each Initiation, each grade, has its tests. The Initiatic Tests become more and more de manding in accordance with the Initiatic grade. The number 8 is the level of Job; this sign, this number, signifies tests and suffering. Initiatic tests are realised in the superior worlds and in the physical world. The tests of Initiation are truly terrible. Great patience is needed so as not to fall to the abyss. We are tested many times.


When our disciples wish to beg help from the Lords of Karma, paint the six-pointed star upon the ground, open the arms in the form of a balance and move them upwards and downwards having the mind concentrated onAnubis.

We can then beg the Lords of Karma for the desired favour. Whilst moving the arms in the form of a balance vocalise the syllables: NI, NE, NO, NU, NA.

This is the way we may beg assistance of the Lords of Karma in moments of necessity or danger. All credit must be paid for.

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