Arcanum Number

Arcanum 21 can be represented by the Pentagonal Star inverted which represents Black Magic.

Arcanum 21 is Failure, Foolishness, the Fool of the Tarot. In the work of Self-Realisation one is exposed to committing folly. One must work with the Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness.

3: Sacrifice for others.

Transmutation: Indicates that one must transmute. The brain must con trol sex. When the brain loses control (of sex), when sex achieves the domination of the brain, then the five-pointed star, man, goes headfirst to the abyss. This is the inverted Pentagram, the symbol of Black Magic. The danger is indicated with precision in this Arcanum by the crocodile.

Hebraic Letter: "Shin."

Hour: Twelfth Hour of Apollonius. "The Towers of Fire disturb." (This is the triumphant entry of the Master into the limitless joy of Nirvana, or on the other hand the renunciation of the joy of Nirvana for love of hu manity; and he becomes a Bodhisattwa of Compassion).

Transcendent Axiom: "My Soul does not enter his secret, nor my ship, his harbor."

Element of Prediction: "Promises privation of something which one en joys, blurring of reason upon trying to attain that which one wants, ruin in that, in which one has most vanity, danger of isolation, treacherous gifts, deceitful promises, the end of some things and the beginning of others."

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