Arcanum Number

Arcanum number 19 in the Kabalah of Prediction promises total Victory, be it through one's own efforts or with the help of other persons. Arcanum number 19 is the Arcanum of Victory, or Success. This victory is related with all aspects of life, economic, social, political, moral, etc. The kabalistic synthesis of Arcanum 19 is 1 + 9 = 10 the 10 is a pro foundly sexual number, here we have the circle and the line, the Mysteries of the Lir'igam-Yoni. It is not possible to attain Self-Realisation except by means of the transmutation of the sexual energy.

In Arcanum 19 a Great Alliance is established between two Souls. Man and woman must kill desire to achieve the Great Alliance, to realise the Great Work.

Hebraic Letter: "Koph."

Hour: Tenth Hour of Apollonius. "The doors of the heavens open and man comes out of his lethargy." (This is the number 10 of the second great initiation of Major Mysteries which allows the Initiate to travel with the Etheric Body. This is the wisdom of John the Baptist.)

Transcendent Axiom: "Take the shield of your faith and advance with decisive step, be it with a favourable wind, or against all winds."

Element of Prediction: Promises the increase of power, success in undertakings. Joy in the works which are realised. Benefits from compen sations for one's own efforts and those of others. Inheritances. Clarity concerning what is desired, fire which consumes that which is desired."

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