Arcanum Number

The number 7 represents magic power with all its force. The Holy Seven is the Sanctum Regnum of Sacred Magic, of the high esoteric Magic in Kabalah; the war chariot.

Number 7 is the Intimus, that is, our Real Being, served by all of the elemental forces of nature. Nature is a great living organism, in the final synthesis this great machine is controlled by elemental forces.

Sacred Fire from the physical point of view is produced by combustion; however, the elemental fire itself can exist from the essential point of view; the Fire of the Wise. Within that elemental fire live the Salaman ders. Franz Hartman describes them in his book called "The Elementáis". Esoterists know that the elementals and elemental Gods of fire exist. If we look at Maya, Aztec angelology etc., we will find the Gods of fire. The Elemental Fire of the Wise exists in all of nature.

Air, in ultimate synthesis is elemental. The tattwa Vayu, the elemental principle of air is animated by elemental creatures or Sylphs, about which the kabalists speak. That elemental air of the wise is in reality, ether in movement. Physicists say that wind is air in movement, but occultists see that in that air in movement there exist forces which impel it, and they are the Sylphs.

Water has an elemental principle; the tattwa Apas. In that principle, in that base, in that substance we find the Ondines, Nereides, Nymphs. Anyone who has studied the ancient or classical Latin works will have found in them the elementals of the waters.

The earth element is ruled by certain elemental creatures; it is in the tattwa Prithvi where the Gnomes or Pygmies of the Kabalah are to be found.

Fire is transformed into air, air into water and water into earth. The tattwas assist us in the transmutation of lead into Gold by means of the Caduceus of Mercury.

This first order which is mentioned is in accordance with Rama Prasat. The true order is:








Principle of Ether. Principle of Air.

Principle of Fire. Principle of Earth. Principle of Water.

Akash Tejas

Principle of Ether. Principle of Fire.

Vayu Apas Prithvi

Principle of Air. Principle of Water Principle of Earth

The first thing there is in creation is infinite space, which is a great Soul. The Fire arises which becomes Air; Air becomes Water andWater, Earth, and worlds appear. This is the true order of the elements. The Intimus is Divine Spirit, is the chief of all the elemental forces.

All who work with the Arcanum A.Z.F. receive the Flaming Sword. This sword corresponds to Arcanum number 7 of the Kabalah.

The Guardians of the ancient Mystery Temples use the Flaming Sword, and they who have awakened Kundalini receive it. In occult Masonry the sword is used, it is received with the advent of the Fire. From the point of view of occult Masonry, the Flaming Sword is the result of in cessant transmutations.

The Elohim or Prahapatis carry their Flaming Swords. Those Elohim are Divine, and an Elohim without a sword would be inconceivable. We know that the sexual organs constitute the real Sanctum Laboratorium of the Third Logos, they are the creative organs of the Flaming Sword.

The 22 Arcana in their essence pertain to the Ninth Sphere. The Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom is in the creative organs given that all life comes from here. In the Garden of Delights of Alchemy we find the word VITRIOL; this word is to be found in the Alchemical treatises and ancient tractates of Kabalah.

The above word is acrostic, being derived from the phrase: "Visitabis Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Ocultum Lapidem". (Visit the interior of our Earth, and rectifying it you will find the hidden stone).

We must search within the interior of our philosophical earth (the human organism) so that, correcting, and working with the Arcanum A.Z.F., the Maithuna, we will find the Philosophical Stone.

The Sun (phallus), masculine principle, is the Father of the Stone. The Moon (uterus), feminine principle, is the Mother of the Philosophical Stone. The Wind (seminal vapours) carried the Son in its bosom and the Earth nourished Him this is related with the Four Elements which are living manifestations of Akash.

The Sun and the Moon, the masculine and feminine principles are com bined within the chalice (the brain) which is supported upon the Caduceus of Mercury with the two channels of Ida and Pingala.

The two influences which act upon the Uncut Stone, to which we need to give the perfect cubical form, are one of a masculine character and the other of a feminine character.

The human being has seven bodies, each body has its spinal column and its Sacred Serpent.

The seven bodies of man are the following:

1: Physical Body.

2: Astral Body or Body of Desire.

3: Mental Body.

4: Causal Body.

6: Body of Consciousness.

7: Body of the Intimus.

We have Seven Serpents; two groups of three, with the sublime corona tion of the Seventh Tongue of Fire, which unites us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

All of the work is realised with the Great Arcanum. The seven-pointed star is the inseparable, vital part of the Vitriol, of that work with the Maithuna. The Seven Serpents of Alchemy are related with the seven planets, the Seven Great Cosmic Realisations, the Seven Grades of Power of Fire. The acrostic Vitriol with its seven letters and seven words symbolises all of the Great Work; gives the seven secret words pronounced by the Solar Logos on Calvary. The Mysteries of Arcanum 7 are terribly divine.

In the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City there is an Aztec sculpture in the form of a decapitated man. In the place of the head there are Seven Serpents which represent the Seven Grades of Power of Fire. The Seven Snakes (a phallic image) being related with the seven planets, with the seven basic, fundamental dimensions, the seven vowels I.E.O.U.A.M.S. which resound in all nature, with the seven words of the Vitriol. All of this is related with the Law of Heptaparaparshinok, this is the Law of the Eternal Seven, the ineffable Cosmic Law.

Akabalistic esoteric symbol is the seven-pointed star surrounded by a double circle with the signs of the seven planets it is a powerful talisman. The two circles represent the eternal masculine and feminine principle s.

Those students of occultism who think about attaining Self-Realisation without the Arcanum A.Z.F. are absolutely mistaken. Madame Blavat sky, after having written the 6 volumes of the Secret Doctrine, said that they who wished to know the mysteries of Chiram must look to the old Alchemists. She was in Agarthi, renounced Nirvana in order to attain the Venustic Initiation, is now twice-born, possesses the Solar Bodies, lives in the sacred monasteries and is going to return to this world which is more bitter than bile.

She prepares to take a body in the United States, in New York. This Great Master was a true Yogini, a disciple of Kout Houmi and yet after having become the widow of Count Blavatsky, married Colonel Olscott so as to work with the Arcanum of Sexual Magic. Only thus did she attain profound Self-Realisation.

The great Yogi-Avataz Lahiri Mahasaya was called for Initiationby the immortal Babaji whilst he still had a wife; in this manner the Yogi-Avatar Self-Realised. In India Sexual Magic is known by the Sanskrit term "Urdhvaratus".

Authentic yogis practice sexual magic with their wives. There are two types of Bramacharya (sexual abstention), Solar and lunar. The Solar is for those who have attained the Second Birth and the lunar is that absurd sexual abstention which serves for nothing other than to cause sickening, nocturnal pollutions with all of their disastrous consequences.

There are seven vices which we must transmute:

The Solar Pride -The Lunar Avarice -The Venusian Lust -The Martian Cholera -The Mercurian Laziness The Saturnian Gluttony -The Jovian Envy -

into faith, into humility.

into altruism.

into chastity.

into love.

into diligence.

into temperance.

into happiness for the wellbeing of others.

Only with the science of the transmutations are we able to disintegrate the defects and dissolve the Psychological "I". Only with the science of the transmutations are we able to modify our errors, transmute the base metals into Pure Gold and govern. Work with the Arcanum A.Z.F. so that you may receive the sword.

The Arcanum number 7, "Triumph", is attained through great struggles and bitterness. We see this in the Seven Capital which we must transmute into Seven Virtues; in the transmutation of the seven inferior metals into Pure Gold.

The Rulers of the seven planets are:















The seven kabalistic signs of the planets are:

Moon A Globe cut by two half- moons

Mercury A Caduceus and the yellow baboon

Venus The Sexual Lingam

Sun A Serpent with a lion's head

Mars A Dragon biting the hilt of a sword

Jupiter The Pentagram or the beak of an eagle

Saturn A lame old man or a stone with the coiled serpent

The seven talismans have the power to attract the seven planetary forces. With the stones and metals perfect talismans can be prepared.


The "Our Father" is the most perfect prayer. The "Our Father" with its seven esoteric petitions is one of the magic prayers. Each petition must be meditated upon.

He who wishes to become a Magician must attain the Sword.

The Sword is the Kundalini. The Sword is the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

One has to work with the Arcanum A.Z.F. to attain the Sword. The struggle is terrible.

The warrior can only free himself from the Four Bodies of Sin by means of the Arcanum A.Z.F.

We gain nothing in filling our heads with theories.

It is better to love a good woman and practice Sexual Magic with her daily, than to be wasting time with polemics intellectualism and theries.

In this manner we acquire the Sword of Kundalini and awaken all of magical powers so as to enter through the gates of the our Triumphal City.

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