Arcanum Number

Arcanum number 9 is the Hermit, prudent and wise; it is Solitude. In the Ninth Sphere there is great suffering.

Supreme Pain exists in the Ninth Sphere, as Dante said m Divine Comedy". One must learn to understand, one must learn to suffer, to be resigned. Those who do not fail.

Kabalistic Sephiroth: "Jesod."

Hebraic Letter: "Teth."

Transcendent Axiom: "Ascend the mountain and contemplate the promised land, but I do not say that you will go thither."

Element of Prediction: "Promises science so as to make discoveries; order upon realising them, and caution to make use of them. Favourable associations and ill-fated associations. Friends who help, and friends who obstruct. Light of reason and light of intuition; the first for that which is imminent, and the second for that which must be."

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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