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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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This Arcanum, Death, covers two aspects: the first aspect is the death of all human beings and the second aspect is from the esoteric point of view.

In relation to the first aspect, all the texts of occultism, pseudo-occultism, pseudo-Rosicrucianism, and Theosophy state that one is born at a determined day, hour and second and dies at a determined day, hour and second according to the Law of Destiny.

This concept is not exact because the Lords of Karma deposit within one, determined "Cosmic Values". One can conserve that "Capital" and the lifespan can be greatly increased, or the values can be spent and the life shortened.

In accumulating cosmic capital the life is prolonged. If there are no good deeds, it is only in particular cases that the Lords of Karma will prolong the life.

Within each one of our three brains the Lords of Karma deposit a determined quantity of Vital Values:

First Brain: thinking or intellectual, in the head.

Second Brain: motor, located in the upper part of the spinal column.

Third Brain: emotional, located in the solar plexus and sympathetic nervous centres.

If one exhausts the vital values of the thinking brain, abusing the intellect, it is clear that the death of this brain is provoked, or one contracts nervous illnesses, neurasthenia, madness, schizophrenia, or one provokes the forms of madness or mania which persons who have exhausted the values of the intellectual centre have.

If one exhausts the values of the emotional centre, one provokes illnesses of the heart, nervous and psychotic states, illnesses which are related with emotive or emotional aspects. Many artists exhaust the emotional brain and end up with particular psychopathic, emotional or cardiac conditions.

They who exhaust the values of the motor centre finish up paralysed, or with illnesses related with the muscles, the knees, the joints, paralysis, etc., damage to the spinal column.

In general, all illness results from the misuse of these three brains; what this means is that one dies by thirds, little by little. For example, foot ballers, runners, boxers are people who abuse the motor brain. These persons end up in a bad way, their death being due to misuse of the motor brain.

If one learns to manage the three brains in a balanced manner one saves the vital values which the Lords of Karma deposit, and life is prolonged. In Asia monasteries exist where the monks reach the age of 300 years or more because they harmoniously manage the three values in a balanced manner, saving the vital values of the three brains. So what then of the exact hour and date of birth and death?

If the values are exhausted one dies quickly, if they are saved, life is prolonged. Clearly, some are given more capital than others, depending upon the debts and credits of each one. When one believes that they have abused the thinking brain, one must put the motor brain to work. When one is doing these esoteric studies in order to prolong life one must negotiate with the Lords of Karma, but one must pay doing good deeds.

Each man who incarnates the Soul may ask for the Elixir of Long Life. This is a gas of immaculate whiteness. This gas is deposited in the vital base of the human organism. After Resurrection the Master does not die again, is Eternal.

We have the case of Master Paracelsus; he has not died, lives in Europe with the same body, is one of those who "swallowed earth", lived as a nomad, passing himself off as different persons.

Nicholas Flammel (the Initiate) lives in India with his wife Perenelle. He also "swallowed earth" together with his wife. Count Saint Germain who directs the ray of world politics worked in Europe in the XVI and XVIII centuries; Giovanni Papini met him a short while ago. The Christ Yogi of India, the immortal Babaji and his immortal sister Mataji have lived in their physical bodies for millions of years. The Immortals can appear and disappear instantaneously; can make themselves visible in the physical world at will. Cagliostro, Saint Germain, Quetzalcoatl and many other immortals have done great works in the world.

Death is the crown of the Path of Life; this path is formed of the hoofprints of the Horse of Death.

The Egyptian "Book of the Dead" is for they who live and are dead one must know how to understand this; it concerns the deceased Initiates who, even though they are already dead, live. They have already en tered the Region of the Dead and appear in the light of day to give their teachings.

The first thing one must do in order to die is to dissolve the "I", that which is a mass of demons, and which the Egyptians call the Red Demons of Set. This must be done in order to awaken consciousness and to receive direct knowledge. The Red Demons of Set are all the demons which we have; they are Satan. These must die. Horns must defeat those demons.

Set has two aspects: the negative form being Satan, and the positive cor responding to the spinal column. This tenebrous Satanic Set must be dead. That lunar ego, which is made

up of millions of demons which Horus must defeat with the assistance of the Divine Mother Isis, must die.

Those "I's" must be reduced to dust, and one must incinerate the seeds and bathe in the waters of Lethe to forget and the waters of Eunoe to strengthen virtues and then ascend to the heavens. In order to ascend to each one of the heavens one must first descend to the Infernos. That is not all, tremendous battles come; this must be dosely studied in the Pistis Sophia.

The Initiate must become a "Crocodile"; for this one must destroy the body of desire which is lunar and later ascend to the Lunar Heaven. To be able to destroy it one must submerge oneself, and this means a frightening descent through enormous sacrifice, leaving there the lunar body which disintegrates little by little. When the body of desire is disinte grated, the Initiate then leaves with his Solar Astral Body.

Then one must pass to Mercury, to the Decapitation, to free oneself of the lunar mind. And the Initiate calls out begging for his head, the Head of Osiris, but he has to pass through much slaughter, has to do battle with the demons. Just as there are 8 Kabirs, there are also 8 Anti-Kabirs which are the antitheses; there being two in each cardinal point. It is the task of the Initiate to do battle with the 8 Black Kabirs; one cannot ascend without descending.

One cannot enter the Absolute and the Essence submerge in the Being before "passing through the Great Death".

In the path to the Absolute one has to descend, it is there that one becomes a dead crocodile. Later the task is to ascend, and the ascent is extremely difficult. Once having submerged in the Being one can say: "I am Horus", one can speak in the language of the Gods, can be the Living God in the sight of the Red Demons which make up the ego.

Card 13 contains the Gospel of Judas. Judas represents the Death of the Ego that is his Gospel. He played that part as he had been ordered to do so by the Great Master. Judas is now to be found working in the infernal worlds with the demons in order to redeem them and win over one or another of them. When his work concludes he will go with Jesus to the Absolute because he has well and truly earned it.


One must become the Sacred Crocodile Sebek by means of enormous ordeals and great sacrifices.

In this matter efforts are not enough, super-efforts are needed.

We have to give form to ourselves; this requires super-efforts by means of constant daily intensive work.

"One must work to finish with the anger".

The dead live in the sphere of Yetzirah, the dead live in the world of Nogah (the astral world.)

The deceased who have been fornicators are cold and tenebrous, live in the world of Assiah full of cold and darkness.

The disciples who have been chaste and who have awakened the Kundalini are after death, full of youth and of fire.

The hour 13 is intimately related with Death, there cannot be resurrection if there is no death. Liberation is the Thirteenth Hour of Apollonius.

The Twelve Doors of Mercy are the 12 zodiacal signs, 12 worlds or 12 suprasensible planes, the Door Number 13, the liberation, is for the escape to the Absolute.

One dies to the Cosmos. One is born to the Absolute.

One must die in order to live. One must die and resuscitate.

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