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Arcanum number 12 implies sacrifice; it is the card of the Apostolate; Suffering. This number is nonetheless a very complete number; it is the famous Dodecahedron upon which are sustained all of the universal creations of the Solar System which has 12 bases, 12 Planets.

Esoteric science teaches that there exist 7 principal planets:


The above along with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto would total 10 planets, but esoteric science maintains that there are two planets beyond Pluto. Twelve Saviour planets have always been spoken of; the Master Jesus had 12 disciples, and in the Gnostic texts of the Pistis Sophia reference is made to 12 Saviours.

Arcanum 12 brings much suffering, many struggles. It has a very agreeable synthesis because 1 + 2 = 3 which means material as well as spiritual production.

Let us recall the marvellous union of the Cross with the Triangle: in Arcanum 12 we see a man who hangs suspended by one leg to indicate the fecund work in the Ninth Sphere without which the union of the Cross and the Triangle could not be attained. The Philosophical Gold could not be attained without that Union.

In the Age of Pisces there was a regressive, retarded asceticism, which detested and loathed sex. There still exists in the Caucasus the vestiges of a sect which mortally hates sex. Those who entered that sect had to castrate themselves with a red hot piece of metal; the women had the labia minora of the vulva removed. That was the first phase; in the sec ond phase, the men had to amputate the phallus, and the women had a breast removed in a full religious ceremony; they drank the blood and ate the flesh and they were then laid on a bed of flowers. This is monstrous, abominable, you can see where the horror of sex leads this belongs to the Sphere of Lilith.

The kabalistic tradition says that Adam had two wives; Lilith, who is the mother of abortions, homosexuality and the hatred of sex, and the inverse, Nahemah who is the mother of malign beauty, of passion, of adultery, lust, and all that which is an abuse of sex. The Caucasian sect is of Lilith, it abhors the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit.

You see how the hatred of sex rejects the Philosophical Stone. This is absurd, yet nonetheless they believe that they are right. The authorities intervened in the matter of another sect where each year a man was crucified to death in memory of the great Master. This type of barbarism is of the Age of Pisces.

The Age of Aquarius is governed by Uranus, which is the ruling planet of the sexual glands. We have to learn to use sex; the "sexual yearning" must be intelligently combined with "enthusiasm" and from this wise mixture results the revolutionary erotic intelligence of the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces is conservative, regressive, backward. We must leave the common union and pass to the Circle of Polarisation Man - Woman; it is necessary. When a man and a woman unite, something is created. In the ancient mysteries the "Genius Lucis of Sex" was created; in those times Sexual Magic was practised. There were collective unions; it was a different time due to the fact that they had not reached the level of de generation of today. For this reason the people used to pronounce the name of the Divinity in that moment of Genius Lucis.

The Lance of Longinus is the extraordinary emblem of the "Genius Lucis"; the Odic or magnetic force with which the animal ego is turned into cosmic dust. One must learn to utilise the Genius Lucis to eliminate the "I". The Genius Lucis of man and woman can eliminate all of those enti ties which form the "I", the "Myself", because it is the weapon which enables the "ego" to be destroyed.

Krishnamurti has taught humanity to dissolve the ego, but the teaching is incipient because he believes that simply on the basis of comprehension the anger, jealousy etc., is eliminated. That is not possible. A power capable of eliminating the ego is needed, and that is the Serpentine Power, "Devi Kundalini" which does have the power to eliminate all of our psychological defects. Comprehension and elimination must be in balance. Devi Kundalini can take up the lance, and she does so during the Sahaja Maithuna, she knows how to use the Genius Lucis.

Pray in the bed of the Garden of Delights; in the nuptial bed of erotic marvels. Suplicate in the moment of bliss, in the unforgettable moment of coitus. Beg our Divine and adorable Divine Mother Kundalini in those moments of tenderness and kissing to gloriously wield the Magic Lance in order to eliminate that defect which we have understood in all the departments of the mind. Later, we retire without spilling the sacred wine, the "Ens Seminis". This means death, delight, rapture, joy, bliss...

This question of Death is something transcendental, it is realised in grades. When one attains an absolute Death in the mind, the transformation of the Initiates is astounding; such death entails a Radical Death. This can be done in no other way than in the region of Mercury; and the element which can assist us is that "Genius Lucis" of man and of woman. It is Isis, Cibeles, Insoberta, or Shakti Kundalini who is able to lead us to that profound intellectual transformation.

Death is realised in the spheres of the different planets. The Angels work in the Astral world and are governed by the Moon. The Archangels develop under the rule of Mercury and their work is realised in the world of the Mind. They control the substances or essence of the Mental world and this they have attained in the Ninth Sphere from moment to moment.

In Venus, another work must be done; the Causal, Kingdom of the Principalities corresponds to this world. The virtues relate to the Intuitional Buddhi; are of the sphere of the Sun. The Potentates of Mars correspond to Atman, and then comes Jupiter with the Dominions. Saturn the highest, the most Divine and exalted of the 7 planets follows. Beyond Saturn is the Paranirvanic world. Beyond the Empire the most elevated are the Seraphim. All of the Solar System is within ourselves.





Astral World



Mental World



Causal World



Buddhic - Intuitional



Atmic World



Nirvanic World



Paranirvanic World



Mahaparanirvanic World





In each one of these planets specific work must be done. How could we have the Will at the service of the Father if we have not worked in the Sphere of Venus.

First, we have to liberate ourselves from the planet Earth; attain the Second Birth. Afterwards, we free ourselves from the Moon; the work related with the Moon. In Venus one is freed of ill-will; something really grandiose.

First, one must liberate oneself from the Solar System (Deuterocosmos), and later from the Galaxy (Macrocosmos). By means of transcendental works we enter into the Protocosmos. Despite the fact that it is within the Absolute, we have to liberate ourselves from the Protocosmos. The path is sexual; there is no other path.

The Age of Aquarius is the sign of Knowledge; everything is revolutionary.

Uranus = Lord of the Glands. Uranas = Fire and Water.

Any school which does not teach the Sahaja-Maithuna is not Aquarian. Aquarius does not reject sex, it investigates it. A Mutant is a man in the broadest sense. There are no longer tabus in the Aquarian Era.

The psychology of the Aquarian Era with its five famous "M's" (the Pancatattwa Ritual) is revolutionary.

He who hates sex is as ridiculous as he who abuses it; he who is a drunk ard as ridiculous as he who will not have a drink. One must travel the middle way, not fall into extremes.


The Alchemist has need of an Athanor (oven) so as to work in the Great Work. That Athanor is Woman.

He who wants to become an ineffable God must adore Woman. I consider that it is impossible to Self-Realise without Woman.

It is impossible to be an Alchemist if one does not work with the Philosophical Stone. That Blessed Stone has four names: Azoe, Inri, Adam, Eve.

The Sun-King is engendered within us by practicing Sexual Magic intensely with Woman.

Woman changes us into Ineffable Gods.

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