Arcanum Number

Arcanum number 15 is the pluralised "I", which esoterically is called Satan.

Arcanum number 15 represents Passion which is based in the Luciferic Fire. It is necessary to know that the principal defect issexual passion, lust.

In the kabalistic synthesis of Arcanum 15 we have 1 + 5 = 6, the 6 is sex. This means that sex is the major force which can liberate man, but is also the major force which can enslave him.

Arcanum 15 signifies the work with the demon the process of dissolution of the "I".

Eden is sex itself, and the internal beast, the psychological "I" which blocks our way to Eden, is at the doorway of sex so as to invite us to ejaculate the seminal fluid, or to divert us from that doorway by making us look at schools, theories, sects etc.

Hebraic Letter: "Samech".

Hour: Sixth Hour of Apollonius. "Here it is necessary to remain quiet, still due to fear (this signifies the terrible test of the Guardian of the Threshold, before whom one needs great valour to triumph.)

Transcendent Axiom: "They made me ward of the vineyards, and the vineyard which was mine, I have not kept."

Element of Prediction: "Promises controversies, passions, misfortunes. Prosperity by way of legality and fate. Harmful affections, both to him who feels them and to him who is the object of them. Vehement yearnings and violent situations"

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