Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this ebook are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Trumps Major Otherwise Greater Arcana

I have spoken of this symbol already, the form of which is essentially invariable, even in the Etteilla set. An angel sounds his trumpet per sepulchra regionum, and the dead arise. It matters little that Etteilla omits the angel, or that Dr. Papus substitutes a ridiculous figure, which is, however, in consonance with the general motive of that Tarot set which accompanies his latest work. Before rejecting the transparent interpretation of the symbolism which is conveyed by the name of the card and by the picture which it presents to the eye, we should feel very sure of our ground. On the surface, at least, it is and can be only the resurrection of that triad--father, mother, child-whom we have met with already in the eighth card. M. Bourgeat hazards the suggestion that esoterically it is the symbol of evolution--of which it carries none of the signs. Others say that it signifies renewal, which is obvious enough that it is the triad of human life that it is the...

Chapter Learning The Major Arcana

As we learned earlier, the Major Arcana form a separate pack from the Minor Arcana. Twenty-two pictorial cards makeup the Major Arcana, each highly symbolic of different states and conditions of man's spiritual life. Just as the Minor Arcana refer to man's body and his mundane experiences, so the Major Arcana deal with his immortal soul and its journey through eternity.

The Third Key the th Path

In balance, but also to show that Binah's Atziluth color is bright red. The Empress holds an ankh in her left hand, as a symbol of Venus and Eternal Life. This symbol is also shown connecting the two sides of her robe at her throat (the Daath-center). This suggests that the symbol of Venus, which encompasses all the Sephiroth, is the Key to the formation and unification of the Universe. In addition to the ankh, the Empress holds in her right hand a royal scepter surmounted with a golden globe (the Sun) implying that she dominates the Heavens.

Seventeenth Card Of The Tarot

Here we find the symbol of immortality. The soul (ibis or butterfly) will survive the body, which is only a place of trial (the ephemeral flower). The courage to bear these trials will come from above (the stars). 1. Opposition to destruction. No destruction is final. Everything is eternal and immortal in God-- IMMORTALITY.

The Tenth Key the st Path

The Sphinx represents the Higher Self of the individual, also the Guardian of the Mysteries. It is a symbol of the four elements, crowned and united by Spirit. Here, it is pictured at the top of the Wheel, acting as a stable, balancing energy. The sphinx has breasts to indicate the balancing of masculine and feminine polarities in one entity, for it is both male and female. The figure wears an ankh to represent the immortality of the Higher Self. Also, the ankh, as a symbol of Venus, together with the sword further alludes to the harmony of male and female energies.

Queen of Dynamism Sibil

The visions of her bloody past merge with her perceptions of the future. Crowned with the symbols of immortality, Medea sits upon her skyborne throne surrounded by her airy messengers of thought. Made wise through suffering, tempered by the knowledge of her imperfections, she observes the world below her through eyes maddened by the clarity of her penetrating mind.

King of Dynamism Prankster

Sheltered in a world of his own imaginings, Robert Davenport dwells within a happier time. The spirits of his past tantalize him, while the sylph of knowledge whispers of his intentions. In his domain, his will is absolute, his authority unquestioned. Crowned by the roses of his desires, he contemplates immortality within his own mind, wherein he holds command over life and death, for he has judged reality and found it wanting.


In this picture we see an angel in heaven blowing a trumpet. Like the queen of heaven he wears a red and blue dress with yellow edging. He wears a red cap which shows his high spirituality. He has two large wings which enable him to fly through boundless space. He radiates twelve long red and yellow rays to the earth. The number 12 again alludes to the twelvefold division of heaven by the twelve signs of the zodiac. The angel blows a large golden trumpet to show that the time has come when the 'old mortal person' will become the 'new immortal man'. He blows the trumpet to waken the man in the grave to resurrection. This resurrection of the transformed, immortal human being is also indicated by the small red banner hanging from the angel's trumpet. A golden cross in the middle of the flag refers to the transformation of matter - of the material body of the resurrected man. Every metal has been turned to gold in the furnace. As we already know, this furnace is man himself and his...

Unity and Duality

As an illusion created by our limited understanding. Christian tradition defines the 'soul' as the immortal 'true' self, existing before and after the body that contains it. And many religions and sects, such as the Gnostics and some Qabalists, have considered the body a prison, created by the sins or mistakes of our fallen ancestors. The Fool represents true innocence, a kind of perfect state of joy and freedom, a feeling of being one with the spirit of life at all times in other words, the 'immortal' self we feel became entrapped in the confusions and compromises of the ordinary world. Perhaps such a radiant self never really existed. Somehow we experience our intuition of it as something lost. Virtually every culture has developed a myth of a Fall from a primeval paradise.


The animic essence is separated by all the entities of the ego. When how ever, one is dissolving it, one is forming the Seminal Pearl. When the ego is destroyed, the Golden Embryo is formed and the immortal principles then enter the man. But this is a sexual question. In other times much was intuitively understood about that which is the creative energy.

The High Priestess

The picture of the high priestess carries the number 2 and the letter beth. The number 2 embodies the idea of division. There is no unity in existence which could contain the number 2. If, however, this number nevertheless lodges itself in a unity, this signifies a schism, disintegration of the unity concerned, and, in the case of a human soul, death. This state is expressed by the number 2 in every language of the world.* In this picture the number 2 denotes the two worlds, here and beyond, which the seeking man bears within him and which bring about an inner conflict. This torments him and he seeks release, 'redemption' from it. On the one hand he still belongs here in the temporal world with its earthly joys and sorrows, on the other hand he is already interested in what lies behind it, what purpose it all serves if in the end we have to leave everything here, and what the values are that wre can finally take with us. And if we succeed in taking something with us, where shall we go...

Origins of the Tarot

Upside down from the World Tree for nine days and nights, not as a punishment, but in order to receive enlightenment, the gift of prophecy. But this mythological scene itself derives from the actual practice of shamans, medicine men and women, in such places as Siberia and North America. In the initiation and training the candidates for shamanism are sometimes told to hang upside down in precisely the manner shown in Bembo's card. Apparently the reversal of the body produces some sort of psychological benefit, in the way that starvation and extreme cold will induce radiant visions. The alchemists - who, with the witches, were possibly the survivors of the shamanist tradition in Europe - also hung themselves upside down, believing that elements in the sperm vital to immortality would thus flow down to the psychic centres at the top of the head. And even before the West began to take Yoga seriously everyone knew the image of the yogi standing on his head.

The Apostolate

Once we have extracted the Potable Gold we are able to unite the Cross with the Triangle that is to say, the Cross-Man must join with our Immortal Triad, we must incarnate the Spirit . It is only in this way that we become a Human Being before achieving this we are only intellectual animals.

The Empress

She in turn unfolds into the number 3 which is Father, Mother and Son which is the Divine and Immortal Spirit in each living thing. The three, Osiris the Father, Isis the Mother and Horus the Son form that which the Sacred Book of the Maya, the Popul Vuh, calls the Heart of Heaven . The Son in turn unfolds into the Animic Soul which each one carries within.

Number Nine

The work with the Ninth Sphere has an objective to create the Solar Bodies. It must be understood however, that although an individual may have fabricated those Bodies, he has not for this reason attained immortality. To achieve immortality it is necessary to have worked in the dissolution of the ego, because if not one becomes a Hanasmussen with a double centre of gravity. These are the miscarriages of the Cosmic Mother which enter the infernal worlds until they reach the second death.

The Sephiroth

be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. (thid 2. 10). I am that bread of life. I am the living bread. Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day. He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him. (St. John 6. 48, 51, 54, 56).

The Magician

Beneath the table one finds the immortal Ibis, the Phoenix bird, the Kala Hansa Swan, the Holy Spirit which symbolises Love. It is beneath the table, indicating that it is by means of the Sacred Fire of the Third Logos that we have to order the disordered elements upon the table. Arcanum number 1 is the Magician, that which initiates, which begins the 1. It is Unity, the Divine Spirit of each person, the Monad or Immortal Spark of each human being, of each living creature. The One is the mother of all unities. The One unfolds to become that which is the fol lowing Arcanum, the Priestess.


The Father who is in Secret, or the Divine Monad is immortal, omniscient, but without SeIf-Realisation. He is unable to rule the physical, does not have sovereignty over the Elements. It seems incredible that we, such miserable worms, Have to make the Father powerful it seems blasphemous but He has to Self-Realise.

The Queen

While realising that all these aspects concern only his mortal being. His true Self, his divine being, does not know all these aspects. It knows neither time nor space, birth nor death, past nor future, it knows only eternity and eternal life. It knows only the absolute present, 'the eternal Now'. And man now understands also that heaven, earth and hell are three states of consciousness, and that according to whichever level he identifies himself with, he is happy or unhappy. If he identifies with himself, with his spirit, and seeks spiritual joys, he is happy, therefore in heaven. During his life on earth he has experienced joys and sorrows, but these are both transient. And if he identifies with his impulses and becomes a slave of his body, he loses himself, despairs and in so doing plunges into hell.

The Moon

Mortal body, they are seized by the fear that they could now actually physically experience death and die. . . . They withdraw in fright and fall back into this side of life, into the material-worldly state of consciousness. That is why in the ancient initiation rites the candidate was tested for his courage in the face of mortal danger. But our 'magician', who has already passed through all the previous states of consciousness, no longer needs this test. He does not let the keepers of the threshold deter him. He knows that there is no death, only eternal life, and he wishes to enter it at all costs. The wolf still barks at the man of courage but does not bite him. He lets him pass through. Only the white dog, symbol of his animal-psychic bonds, remains to be conquered. When the 'magician' has reached the stage where he consciously wishes to cross the thieshold and immerse in the ocean of the divine - at this overwhelming moment the image of a loved one, perhaps of his child, springs...

The Chariot

In many places, particularly India, the horse became associated with death and funerals. When the rising patriarchy abolished the ritual sacrifice of the king, a horse was killed instead. The horse sacrifice became the most holy, associated with immortality. Even today, horses are used to pull the coffins of great leaders. (A bizarre junction of two aspects of the Chariot was seen in the death of John Kennedy. He was killed in his limousine during a parade, and then a horse - who rebelled against his trainer's control - pulled his coffin in the state funeral.) These connections suggest the idea of the soul's victory over mortality.


On the third day, the Initiate in astral body comes before his Holy Sepulchre accompanied by the Divine Hierarchies. The Initiate invokes his body and with the assistance of the Divine Hierarchies it rises, entering hyperspace. This is how the escape from the tomb is achieved. In the suprasensible worlds of hyperspace, the holy women treat the body of the Initiate with medicaments and aromatic unguents. Obeying supreme orders, the physical body then enters the astral body through the top of the head. This is how a Master comes to retain possession of his physical body. This is the Gift of Cupid. After the Resurrection the Master is eternal will not die. With this Immortal body they can appear and disappear instantaneously, make themselves visible in the physical world at will.

The Fool

He has brought everything over to the right, spiritual side he sees everything from a divine eternal point of view. He no longer sees any difference between the finite and the infinite, between the mortal and the immortal. He sees clearly - even if it is applied to himself -that only the forms change, but that nothing has a beginning and an end. There is nothing that could die. No Even if we wanted to or had to, we cannot die. There is no death There is only eternal life, eternal transformation and rotation, life, life everywhere we look A dying plant, a dying animal or a dying man have only reached a bourn where they will change their earthly garment and don a new one. What lives - the Self - cannot die because it has never been born. And what has been born, matter, the body, cannot die either, because the earthly garment, die body, has never had independent life, it has never lived. The body of a plant, an animal or a man lives merely because the...

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