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Archetype is an individualization process which is more of a personal calling to facilitate a personal discovery of your inner being. Individualization process comes in different programs which are set uniquely to help you have a better understanding of your inner being to help bring out the best you at all times. The archetype program is owned and operated by Mettlence Pte Ltd which uses advanced technology like use of cookies in getting your personal information. The program provides 60-day money guarantee a total refund to any user who feels not satisfied with the program. This program is associated with many benefits some of them being able to discover your inner self, getting knowledge on how to control your ego which suppresses your personal growth and achievements. The program also helps individuals in identifying their drive-in life and achieve all their set goal, and lastly, the program helps individuals in acquiring high levels of self-esteem. More here...

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Working Tarot Talismans

The wealth of symbolism embraced by the Tarot gives a student a wide selection to choose from in working a Tarot talisman ritual. He or she may wish to invoke a zodiacal energy to balance out unfavorable aspects in the birth chart. Planetary and elemental Forces can also be addressed through a ceremony using specific Tarot cards. For instance, if the student feels surrounded by hostile, martial force, the energy of Venus could be invoked to counteract it. If lack of imagination and creative powers is a problem, the productive element of Water could be employed. For almost any secular or spiritual problem the reader may come across, there is a Tarot card that can be invoked to help balance it out. The following list will help describe the various zodiacal, planetary and elemental energies along with some of the Tarot cards that can be used to invoke them in ritual. used to balance problem energies. For example, a person whose birth chart contains an unusual amount of Air (Gemini and...

The Divining Tarot

As the Tarot reproduced the movements of the stars upon a table, we can easily guess bow the ancients proceeded when they read prophecy by its aid. They drew up the Horoscope of the coming year, according to the position which the stars would occupy during its course, and could then at once predict two-thirds of the events likely to occur. Fabre d'Olivet in his works shows that one-third of the events are Determined, another third depend upon the Human Will, and the last third is subject to Providence. As the determining Fatality and the human Will usually unite, almost unconsciously, we see that the astrological Horoscope can predict two-thirds of the events.

Tarot Pathworking

Tree Life Kabbalah Tarot

Ed Steinbrecher uses traditional Golden Dawn attributions to create a link between the Tarot archetypes and the astrological birth chart. He also introduces results of his own researches that categorize people in various ways. Of particular interest is the way that, whether he realizes it or not, the general method is almost a direct reconstruction of the Renaissance natural magic of Marsilio Ficino, who investigated formal meditation upon images to counteract undesirable astrological portents, at about the same time that the Tarot first appeared.

The Spread

Most spreads contain between six and fifteen cards. This range is small enough to be manageable, but large enough to cover a topic in some depth. The pattern of a spread often forms a design that reflects its theme. For example, the Horoscope Spread is in the shape of the traditional circle that forms a person's birth chart. The twelve cards of this spread correspond to the twelve houses of astrology.

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