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The Predictive Manteia

This spread enables the Tarotologist to go into greater depth of divination and gives in fuller detail the root vibrations and vibratory forces surrounding the client during the reading.

As with the Celtic Cross and Celtic Block Spreads, follow the preliminary procedures. You may find it helpful with this more complex spread to prepare a placement chart like the one on page 230, with rectangular areas large enough to accommodate the cards. Such a chart is easily prepared with black ink on a large sheet of white poster paper.

Begin the spread by placing the first three cards in the positions of the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE TRIADIC SOLIDIFIERS, as shown in Chart 10 as positions 1, 2 and 3 respectively. This divine triad in the center of the spread provides the nucleus from which emanate cosmic energies that are channeled into particular categories to provide esoteric keys for interpretation of the cards.

The cards are placed in these positions in the following manner:

1. After the client has shuffled the cards and cut them into three piles, instead of having the client recombine the piles into one pack, you take the first card from the top of the stack to the client's right (your left) and place it in the position of PAST TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER.

2. Then take the second card from the top of the center stack and place it in the position of PRESENT TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER.

3. Finally, take the third and last card from the top of the stack to the client's left (your right) and place it in the position of FUTURE TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER.

In the process of placing these three Triadic Solidifiers, you should recognize the Divine Trinity whom they represent by saying: Card 1: In the name of the Father . . . Card 2: And of the Son . . . Card 3: And of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Blocking the Triads

After the initial three cards are placed, you may begin filling in the remainder of the spread, or ''blocking the Triads." Proceed as follows:

1. Starting with the stack of cards to the right of the client (your left), bring the three stacks together into one pack.

2. Proceed to block the FIRST TRIAD by placing the next three cards in a row from right to left, to the left of the PRESENT TRIADIC SO-LIDIFIER, as shown in Chart 10. These cards are 1, 2, and 3 and represent the vibrations surrounding the client during the reading.

3. Interpret the full Triad before proceeding to the SECOND TRIAD. The first three cards will give you a solid background on the client and provide a strong basis on which to proceed with the reading. Interpret each Triad separately in turn, to the satisfaction of the client, before going on to the next. During interpretation, place the DAATH PACK to your left, on the edge of the spread (see Chart 10).

4. Cards 4, 5 and 6 are next placed in a line from right to left directly above the PRESENT TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER, as shown in Chart 10. Card 5 should be centered above the PRESENT TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER. Now interpret this Triad, which will enable you to recognize the true, root vibrations of the client's query or need for guidance.

5. The next Triad is made up of cards 7, 8 and 9, placed in a line from right to left, to the right of the PRESENT TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER (see Chart 10). From this group of cards, you can determine the esoteric direction the client must take in order to achieve necessary goals.

6. The next Triad comprises cards 10,11 and 12, which are placed in a line from right to left toward the bottom of the spread, in a line with cards 4, 5 and 6 at the top and between but slightly below the PAST TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER and the FUTURE TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER (see Chart 10). These cards will indicate the level of achievement that can be expected.

7. The last Triad, made up of cards 13,14 and 15, allows further insight into the previous Triad of expected level of achievement. Each card will provide additional information and explain how the indicated level will be brought about. The vibratory forces of the final three cards link up with those of the preceding Triad in the following fashion:

Card 10= Card 13 Card 11 = Card 14 Card 12 = Card 15

Cards 13,14 and 15 are placed in a line from right to left between and slightly above the PAST TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER and the FUTURE TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER, lined up directly above cards 10, 11 and 12 (see Chart 10). This completes the spread.

8. After the full spread of 18 cards is completed, the three Triadic

Solidifiers should confirm your reading with the following relationships:

PAST TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER (1) = Cards 4, 5 & 6 should correlate with this Solidifier to show past vibratory forces dealing with the client's question.

PRESENT TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER = Cards 1, 2 & 3 should correlate

(2) with this Solidifier to confirm the client's present situation. FUTURE TRIADIC SOLIDIFIER (3) = Cards 10,11 & 12 should correlate with this Solidifier to show the client's future activities.

9. Cards 13, 14 and 15 are not associated with the Triadic Solidifiers because this part of the divination does not necessarily deal with the future — it may deal with events in the past or present as well. It informs us of the experiences the client may undergo prior to the "achievement" level.

10. Cards 7, 8 and 9 present us with the Wisdom of the Tarot and advise the immediate action the client must take in order to bring about the results seen on the achievement level. The direction received from these cards is the best of all, for the client's past activities have been taken into consideration here.

The apprentice should study the Predictive Manteia step by step, carefully and intently, before attempting a serious spread. This layout takes a little longer than the other two spreads but it gives added depth to the reading. Unlike the two Celtic spreads, the Predictive Manteia cannot be continued, for it is complete in itself. The three spreads given in this Handbook contain sufficient depth for your use at this stage of your experience. The more you use them, the better you will become at interpreting them correctly and easily.

During your early work with these spreads, keep a record or log of your study spreads, including the questions asked. This will enable you to determine quickly which spread is best for the type of query received. (See Chart 1 in Chapter 1 for a good format for recording your spreads.)

Once you understand why a particular card appears in a certain position, you will be able to concentrate far better on the divination itself. Be sure that whatever query you present to the Tarot is clear and written down. Don't rush yourself — give your intuitive powers time to respond and guide you in your interpretations.

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