When higher guidance is indicated

After the ten cards have been laid out in the Celtic Cross Spread and before you commence the reading, notice the total number of Major Arcana cards in the spread. If there are four or more cards of the Major Arcana, the spread should be picked up immediately and the 22 Major cards extracted from the pack. The spread should then be continued, using the Major Arcana only. (If you have a separate pack used only for Major Aracana readings, this may be used, but remember to have the client shuffle them first.) Four or more Major Arcana cards in a spread indicate that the client needs help from the higher level of the Wisdom of the Tarot, whether he knows it or not. If four or more Major cards turn up before the spread is completed, do not continue, but follow the procedure just discussed. By using the Major Arcana only, the message related will be more profound and of much more benefit to the client. He should be advised that the nature of the cards indicates that there is a more significant message awaiting him in the Major Arcana.

The Daath Pack

When a spread has been completed and before you commence your interpretation, you should place the cards remaining in the deck to your left side (see Chart 8). This pack is then known as the DAATH PACK, which means "wisdom not yet received."

As your studies progress, you will use many different spreads that call for continued use of the cards from the Daath Pack, so it is advisable to practice the correct procedures regarding these cards from the beginning. During the reading, the Daath Pack should not be handled by anyone except you and your client, when you find it necessary to have him reshuffle the cards for a second reading, as discussed above.

The Celtic Block

This spread is actually a continuation of the Celtic Cross. The preliminary procedures are identical to those used for the Celtic Cross, and the first ten cards are laid out in the same manner.

At this point, you place the Daath Pack to your left and commence your interpretation of the spread. After your reading has been given and is understood by the client, you then pick up the Daath Pack and, working from right to left, place cards 11,12 and 13 below and beneath cards 6, 3 and 4 (see Chart 9). These three cards form what we call the TRIAD.

Triadic Divination

This extension of the Celtic Cross coordinates with the previous ten cards and confirms the knowledge you have already gained from them. To complete the Celtic Block, card 14 is then placed to the right of card 11 and beneath card 7. This card is known as the SOLIDIFIER: it brings out, or solidifies, all that the spread conveys. Together, the Triad and Solidifier represent a deeper area of information conveyed. It is up to you to combine the wisdom gained from the Cross with the Triadic vibration in your interpretation, which should contain a vibratory force identical to that condensed into the final card, the Solidifier. The Solidifier should verify all your previous conclusions.

You must remember that the Celtic Block is a separate spread from the Celtic Cross. You cannot commence a Celtic Cross spread, then decide to add the Triad and Solidifier. You must decide before spreading the cards which layout to use; this will depend upon the client's need and question. Usually the Celtic Cross will provide all the information required, but if you should wish to delve further to extract more detail, you may proceed by taking the card the client wants more information from and beginning a new spread, as discussed above, this time using the Celtic Block. By doing this, you can confirm your conclusions through the added dimension of Triadic Divination.

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